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The Art of Doodling

Contributer, Ashley Barnes
Photo Editor, Darby Cribb

“My definition of doodling is to make spontaneous marks with your mind and your body in order to help yourself think. 392 more words


Day 294

Decided to doodle a doodle for my birthday invitations. Dinner with my best friends on Friday, where I demand they have something which sparkles! Spending time with people who make me laugh, eating good food, with sparkling somethings – what could be better? 59 more words


Week 41 and 42 - 365 days of Art

My computer and camera are still not playing nicely together, but I think I can access my photos now. So I will catch up on a couple weeks of the 365 days of art challenge. 158 more words

Blue Twig Studio

Dialect of Hell

Again, Susanna Clarke’s humor is sharp. Mr. Strange is out helping Lord Wellington and the British army fight the French. Due to some unusual circumstances, Mr.Strange must bring a few dead soliders from the otherside back to life. 153 more words


16 thoughts (Late, but better than never)

It’s been 2 months and 4 days since my birthday, August 16, when I celebrated my sweet 16. I was supposed to finish this sooner buuut, you know, life. 1,780 more words

Day 293

Listening to this, Earth Prelude by Ludovico Einaudi, I am transported from my day, to a place of sunset and sea. Mondays are often days of burden I think, the sometimes overwhelming feeling that what I do isn’t enough, by tomorrow it shall have lifted and once again I shall feel invigorated and ready to take on the challenges which remain in the week. 15 more words



It’s safe to say, that “freewriting” isn’t really my forte… I tried this sh*t today and well, I didn’t come up with the next best seller. 85 more words