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There is this amazing new type of doodling called Zentangle, created by two guys to help students be able to learn in class while also doodling. 76 more words


This is the cover of a homemade journal I’m working on! Pusheen is just the cutest little rolly poley kitty and she always makes me smile. 57 more words


So Much Thunder

On Wednesday we learned that we were required to attend the pitch session for the documentary production course for the fall semester. To me this requirement came as a complete surprise: it wasn’t on the syllabus and it wasn’t mentioned in the advisement in which we were introduced the fact that the course existed. 201 more words


On Mentors, Trading Eggs for Pants, and Doodling

Every week I am going to speak to three subjects: books, ideas, people, products, or innovations that I believe are peace-building, heart-opening, community-celebrating, love-spreading vehicles. Complaining and criticizing are easy traps to fall into, but I am convinced that building up holds far more power and transformative energy. 1,270 more words


let the mind wander

I think I did this when my mom was in the hospital some months back. I love all the various shapes.

It’s important to just let your mind wander sometimes and see what you can create when you’re not over thinking things. 113 more words


Whatever Wednesday - Doodling!

Doodling is one of those little things in life that everyone should do. When I used to doodle on paper (haha paper…..) I would draw tiny little stick figures running around doing things or trees. 192 more words

Whatever Wednesday