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Lessons from Neil and Hugh

I almost didn’t get to sleep last night as I marathoned the Tony’s and other performances of Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman.  I was a Doogie Howser fan but after the series ended, I forgot about Neil and that lasted for about a decade. 133 more words


Kicking Puppies and Taking Names: Why We Misbehave in Elevators

If I could ride in an elevator with anyone, either living or dead, I would most definitely pick Sigmund Freud.

Not because a 30-seconds-long vertical journey would be time enough to permit any kind of meaningful psychological exchange between the Good Herr Doktor and I – it’d be time enough to summon a pithy, off-cuff interpretation of last night’s bad dream, perhaps, or if he had his pocket watch on hand, to flirt with the stirrings of hypnotic stupor, but then it’d be time’s up. 1,684 more words

Erin J. Bernard

Flashback Friday: Uniformity

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sometimes when you’ve been dizzy for a week and when you get so dizzy you think you might pass out and when you mention it to a wise friend who had a similar experience and discovered when she went to the hospital that she needed potassium STAT, well, sometimes you end up in the E.R. 725 more words