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Xbox Games Might Soon Be Playable on PC

Microsoft is reportedly working on a streaming service that will allow Xbox 360 and Xbox One games to be played on PCs. 242 more words


Um futuro sem lag para jogos online?

É exatamente isto que a Microsoft pretende com a pesquisa e desenvolvimento de uma solução em “cloud-gaming” que irá diminuir a latência na resposta do servidor utilizando previsões das ações futuras do jogador. 219 more words


What We want from Doom

Or DooM if you must. Though don’t. Please.

Like anyone staggering into their 30’s, we love Doom. My growing up can be separated into two parts: the time I didn’t have, but wanted Doom and the Christmas I got the SNES version (all £64.99 of it).   925 more words