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Apostle of Solitude - Of Woe and Wounds (Review)

This is the third album from US Doom Metal band Apostle of Solitude.

With a quality album cover I was looking forward to hearing this band and they didn’t disappoint. 261 more words


Please Don't Judge Me

She awakens suddenly. Drenched in a cold sweat. Her stomach is tied in knots, impending doom. She knows something bad is going to happen extremely soon. 283 more words


Throwback Thursday: The Stuff of Nightmares

Happy almost-Halloween! One more day until I turn all of the lights off in my house and ignore the cries of “Trick or Treat!” at my door. 297 more words

Finished Projects


Does anyone ever feel, that the other girls
On the shelf who slip away before you
Are the lucky ones? Someone to hold onto
In the bumpy sea of life? 41 more words

Former Trouble members spark new life, light bright doom fire on 'For Those Which Are Asleep'

Like many other metal fans, my pathway to doom came from the mighty Black Sabbath. But they weren’t the only band that exposed me to the darker sounds, the slower tempos, and the feeling something sinister could be lurking around the bend. 884 more words

Green Cathedral

New noise/drone project AUDREY have recorded a piece inspired by my novel PIG IRON.

It’s called Green Cathedral.

RH Digital Distribution: Ethereal Riffian - Aeonian

‘Ethereal Riffian’s’ from Ukraine full-length album ‘Aeonian’ is the band’s most mature work combining progressive stoner/doom with mind-bending psychedelic and heaviest riffs in the entire galaxy. 65 more words

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