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The Short History of The Towering Skyscrapers

Brian Damage

*Cue theme music from the Scorpions*

Gary Michael Capetta’s voice…

“Being led to the ring by Mr. Theodore R. Long…from Metropolis…at a total combined weight of six hundred and thirty four pounds….Dangerous Dan Spivey…Sid Vicious…The Skyyyyyyyyyscrapers!” 603 more words


Hackers play classic shooter Doom on ATM

For computer hackers, making the classic first-person shooter Doom play on odd devices is a neverending quest – but an Australian team topped them all so far by running Doom on an ATM, … 312 more words


[That's Awesome!] Playing Doom is Now Possible On an ATM

Have you ever been at an ATM grabbing some cash and thought, “this would be so much cooler if I could play Doom right now?”  Well, first off, you’re weird.   16 more words

Video Games

Witchcraft - Legend (2012)

Sweden – September 2012 – Nuclear Blast

01.Deconstruction – 5:09
02.Flag of Fate – 4:35
03.It’s Not Because of You – 4:13
04.An Alternative to Freedom – 5:17… 15 more words


Hacker turns ATM into 'Doom' arcade game

Ever watched a Whirlpool washing machine explode after bouncing around the back yard for 3:42 minutes, a chunk of heavy metal ripping it to shreds from the inside out? 601 more words


The Game Is On

Well – if there was a way for me to welch out on this whole going to school thing it’s going to get much harder after these last two weeks.

Back To School

kill the beast it's wounded

A way back in the day as the Nam raged and draftee Americans were coming home in body bags, US military kept up the pretense of “winning the war.” We all know now that was such treasonous and deceitful bullshit that when the Nam came to it’s illogical conclusion, the draft was ended and amnesty was granted to young Americans that had bolted for parts overseas so as not to have to kill or be killed. 600 more words

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