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Doomed 1-26-15

Just posted a new story called Doomed, check it out at http://w.tt/15DIIzB



I’ve had a few posts in the past few months (here and here) about the consequences of mechanization for the future of work. In short, what will we do when the robots take our jobs? 1,459 more words

Unhappy, Irritable, Doomed.... Call It Whatever You Feel Like.

I know i have been complaining a lot about life and things and have been having rough time this month. I am very irritable to the point that anything can frustrate me. 81 more words


Why does being a self-loathing, addict writer appeal to me so much? Do I feel out of place in the world?  Maybe that’s how all writer’s feel.  1,242 more words


Feeling Doomed

I finally found a therapist that I could work with after going untreated for years, got all excited about finally starting to deal with my issues. 68 more words

Word of the Day: Fey

Fey (adj.): “1.a. Fated to die; doomed. b. Marked by a foreboding of death or calamity. 2.a. Able to see into the future; visionary. b. Marked by an otherworldly air or attitude. c. Crazy, touched.” (Merriam-Webster)

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