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I have literary no luck work ways. I get work is work and work is needed cos one needs money to spend . I’m not complaining about the actual work I’m complaining about the fact that I’m not on the tomarrows list for people who gona work meaning I shouldn’t be working but if I don’t go I can face the chance that I might get a warning for it . 31 more words

D O O M E D!

Some things are so bad they’re GOOD! LOL I’m going to own this movie for that reason alone! Plus, on the bright side, peep the #SUPER Fantastic 4 hoodie the guy is wearing at about the 40 second mark! Definitely getting that as well!



As the Independence Referendum debate(can you really call it that?) heads into its last few weeks, the headlines and the attacks are getting ever more frantic. 416 more words

Searching soldiers by Colour Doomed

After previous soldiers appearing briefly on City Road before disappearing it was great to unearth a few more in the hidden depths of Cardiff!

Set amongst a derelict farmhouse with no roof, rusting beams and crumbling brickwork this was an ideal location for Colour Doom’s latest piece of street art. 33 more words


Pony Tricks Comic Cast Episode 37, or, I Make A Sandwich


This week: Action Comics (TWICE), Black Widow, Moon Knight, Superior Spider-Man, Superman/Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing

(Note: still doing all this crap from my phone on various apps. 29 more words

Pony Tricks Comic Cast

A Day of Three "Superman DOOMED" Comics

by Matt Petras

In a few ways, “Superman DOOMED” encompasses some of the worst aspects of superhero comic books. It’s an overly long storyline, it’s most likely overly regulated by top-down editorial control, and it confusingly seems to require reading across multiple series to get a complete story, putting a halt to stories that were doing just fine beforehand. 539 more words

The Weekly Haul – Week of August 6th, 2014

Not a horrible week, but not a tiny one, either…

Funny…for as much as I consider myself officially “Valiant-and-TMNT-only” I only had one issue fitting that this week. 119 more words

DC Comics