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All these years, i thought i'll be living here in solitude.

Where would I begin this post? Hm. All these years, i thought i’ll be living here in solitude. Far away from the real life i’m in to. 299 more words


documentary 2014- ARMAGEDDON: TOP TEN WAYS TO DOOMSDAY - Discovery/History/Science (documentary) New

armageddon – top ten ways to doomsday (documentary). thanks for watching. history life discovery science technology tech learning education national nature g…
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Major Cyber Attack Coming

Like, duh! I’ve been shrieking hysterically into cyberspace about this for a few years now.  “Experts: Major cyberattack will hit in next 11 years” 

One of my major frustrations comes from turning to people who have a lot more education and experience with computers than I do and having them tell me I’m just over reacting or I don’t understand or, “get out of here, you crazy woman!” Ironically the more people try to reassure me that an attack is unlikely and that our data is secure, the more convinced I am that we are headed for complete disaster. 316 more words

10 Things I Thought While Watching "King Arthur"

by Gabriel Valdez

1. Ah, King Arthur. It takes a special dedication to make a movie so inaccurate when it’s based on events no one can agree on because they never happened. 1,071 more words

10 Things

Trap doors, surprises...and Mr.E.

Baruch could feel the other man’s fear.

To relieve some of that in order to move on with the real reason why he was in the barber shop to begin with the agent tucked the weapon back into its holster. 358 more words

Nostradamus says Mabus I say SU Bomber aka Russia is the 3rd Anti Christ!!

So I took a look at some Nostradamus the other week. Things in Canada are squirrely these days with people screwing people all over the country and the news being different from one reporter to the next with wild allegations and unfounded stories. 144 more words


Dark Sage... coming soon

“It doesn’t look much from a distance,” say I.
“Oh I don’t know,” says Ned, “But why the Devil’s Drop?”
“Well, it started out as Devil’s Rock because of a perceived likeness, in our minds at least, to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming,” says Wen. 279 more words