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I'm No Doomsday Prepper.

I enjoy my solitude yet I am a social animal. Closing the door behind me and flipping the one red door lever let’s me think I’m not going to be bothered. 231 more words

This Too Will Pass

Wow. You know you’re sad when you immediately recognise a random beach (which literally could be any beach) as Bad Wolf Bay in “Dinosaurs in a Spaceship” and you burst with happiness/sadness that it’s bad wolf bay when you find out that you’re right. *sigh* to be a Whovian

Amy Pond

Welcome To My Castle

In the days of knights and ladies, when enemies laid siege to the castle or plagues took over the villages, the people of the land often banded together to help one another through the adversity.  491 more words

Castle Keep

Cyclone season preparedness

So we’ve lived in North Queensland a few years now, and we’ve had a couple of close calls with regard to cyclones, and with a new season getting closer and closer I think I should prepare a cyclone survival kit. 173 more words

To panic, or not to panic, that is the question-

At the outset let me tell you that I am as in the dark as the rest of you about the Ebola situation. However, I do have the ability the ability to take the information at hand and come to a rational conclusion on my own. 330 more words