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Modern British Cult Cinema: Doomsday

Modern day cult British cinema, destined to be classics of their age – that is what this series is focused on, bringing you the very best in horror, action and sci-fi from the isles of  the United Kingdom. 1,120 more words


Superman: Doomed

Its the new 52 and one of the most difining moments I Supermans life is being retold, or so we thought. Superman: Doomed isnt the battle I expected in the physical sense but a battle in his character. 256 more words

Comic Bookery

I'm No Doomsday Prepper.

I enjoy my solitude yet I am a social animal. Closing the door behind me and flipping the one red door lever let’s me think I’m not going to be bothered. 231 more words

This Too Will Pass

Wow. You know you’re sad when you immediately recognise a random beach (which literally could be any beach) as Bad Wolf Bay in “Dinosaurs in a Spaceship” and you burst with happiness/sadness that it’s bad wolf bay when you find out that you’re right. *sigh* to be a Whovian

Amy Pond