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First Girl: Snippet 41


“What would have been the difference, Lowell? Being shot through the temple and shot through the mouth are both pretty foolproof ways to off someone. 2,184 more words


We pick up late night on the 7th day, right before it turns Day 8.  Salty met and married Tobias Goldbeard previously and she is now showing signs of a risky pregnancy.  1,218 more words

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First Girl: Snippet #39

“Go!” Troy shouted, then turned his face away, spread his arms wide, and plunged towards the ground. Gabi leaned back against Ursula’s counterweight, on the verge of falling herself until Troy’s body landed on the sheet. 2,112 more words

First Girl: Snippet #38

“Okay, folks, let’s get started,” Luke said, his handsome face alight. He was even more attractive in the speckled light of the glade, but without the subtle drugs in the food warming Gabi’s perceptions, she didn’t get all swoony like she had the night before. 1,974 more words

Reality Sets In

The EBS started beeping again and Salty hurried to see the newest message. 1,816 more words

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Major BATMAN v SUPERMAN Details On Batman, Doomsday?, And Much More!


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice details have found their way online, and they reveal a lot of new info!

Much of this information comes via Badass Digest, where the movie kicks off with Batman’s origin story. 229 more words



Salty barely glanced at her rental.  It wasn’t like she was going to spend much time there anyway.

Her home was the sea, the only non-mermaid in her family.   695 more words

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