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First Girl: Snippet #12

Gabi could hear Mathew’s strangled sobs through the door of his room, where he’d fled the minute Messenger Nystrom spoke those horrible words. “She’s gone. I’m so very sorry.” Sam tried to follow him, but Mathew locked the door and turned his music up, acting like a normal teenager for once. 2,217 more words

The Epic-Dermis of the Modern Superhero

Hey there Evil Geeks! Here’s a quick info graphic from our friends at BeautyFlash about some quite remarkable super hero skin. Sadly, not the Skin of Generation X fame, pictured above, but you will learn some equally fascinating stuff about the skin of some other heroes and what exactly makes them so tough and durable. 51 more words


First Girl: Snippet #11

Gabi could feel the material of her shirt under her arms growing damp. As Mathew opened his mouth to speak, a car crunched onto the gravel of their short driveway. 1,188 more words

On the Subway: Plotting a Way out of Berlin's Tunnels

Berlin, Germany


   The air occupying the void was thin. Until a couple hundred pound biological instrument of death passed through its domain, that is.

The clearance from the top of the passing subway lines to the tunnel ceiling didn’t leave much room for error when attempting a jump. 181 more words

First Girl: Snippet #10

Gram drew the oxygen mask back down over face and nodded at Gabi in reassurance.

Her father pinned Gabi with an admonishing look as he leaned over Gram and put his hand on her forehead. 1,970 more words

“Doomsday is not so far”

We say we want pollution free world, all place neat and clean, proper decorum, but do we really mean it? In India we have started something new called… 698 more words


New Babylon, wrapping up

Josh went about thirty paces before making an abrupt right to walk uphill. The phone that came out of his pocket earlier now made another appearance. 437 more words