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ThinBitch Speaks Out: Doors of Paris!

So, I have an obsession with doors… my husband thinks its weird, but not me! The thing is doors are like eyes… through them you can see into a whole other world! 115 more words

ThinBitch Speaks Out!


I look up and see you talking to your friends, still holding the door

You look up, too and our eyes lock

For a moment I stare into your soul… 38 more words

What the?

So why would they think men need a bigger entrance to the loo?


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What Makes French Doors Valuable for Your Home?

French doors are one of the best options that suit almost any interior design. These doors add a sophisticated and quality touch to your home. The most praised quality of these doors is undoubtedly its ability to allow maximum sunlight enter into your room, giving it a fresh and lively look. 143 more words

Day 103

Ornate gates in a church crypt in Prague

(all photo credits miss suzylee)


Luktar dyr | The doors of Old Tallinn

♦ Föstudagsmyndir: Dyrnar í gömlu Tallinn eru víða áberandi fallegar og nostursamlega málaðar í mismunandi litum. Hér er bara lítið sýnishorn. Fleiri myndir frá Tallinn… 51 more words

Áslaug Jónsdóttir