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What is Love? Here, Let Me Tell You

Ahhh, good ol’ psych majors telling you what love is first thing in the morning, gotta love it right, right? Love is basically just a bunch of chemicals flowing through your brain which you get from both your partner and your ideals, a lot of those chemicals are things like dopamine and serotonin, that’s not the part we will be focusing on though. 958 more words

Finance And Life

NaBloPoMo: Healing: Does Time Heal All Wounds?

Do you believe that time heals all wounds?

NaBloPoMo:  15th September 2014

The grande olde dame that is my Penguin English Dictionary, 2nd Edition (published in 1965) defines heal(ing) as: 384 more words


Sex Drive: Dopamine Receptors

So I’ll list the things I did today, the things I that I think contributed,
then I’ll list the possible confounding variables,
then I’ll give what I’ve concluded. 1,128 more words


Help to get out off an Addiction

Among all of the benefits that Music can bring to you,  it can actually help you to control the anxiety that controlling an addiction brings. Listening all loud music using a portable Bluetooth speaker has a positive effect on body. 122 more words

A chemistry cake

My brother is both a baking and chemistry enthusiast. So of course, he bakes a cake for his school chemistry class. The odd kit kat arrangement is the dopamine symbol. 20 more words