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Part 10- P is for Parkinson’s or Pain in the ….


Having Parkinson’s disease comes with its share of pain, from my right hand that shakes too much to my feet being sore from walking with my toes curling under. 735 more words

Parkinson's Disease

Flavor in Evolution and Inebriation

Flavor may have had an driving role in human evolution. In that same cup, just the flavor of beer may be required to make you feel happy, no alcohol required. 26 more words

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Know that...

Know that my care was sincere.
Know that I liked you deeper than you think.
Know that I was true when we had those nights. 217 more words


Are we addicts all the time on the web?

The Truth About Addiction: We’re All Junkies Now

Isn’t it time we start telling the truth about addiction? What is that truth? That we are all addicts and all the time. 105 more words

Behavioral Economics

Spilled Milk and Combat Boots

All the phone calls I am having to make right now are ruining my story writing ability plus changing what I’d write about my 7 hour day yesterday. 1,889 more words


Laughing Buddha

It’s still too early to plant flowers in the terra cotta pots by our front door, but we can tell that spring is just around the corner. 150 more words

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