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What a Year Without Sex Taught Me About Me

I have a chemical dependency on sex, I readily admit to self medicating through sex. It is my happy place. And it helps control my levels that contribute to depression, at least temporarily. 713 more words

Introspective Ramblings

How to Gain Self-Control In A Smartphone Culture

Just today I went out for a drive and I’ve noticed several people on their phones while driving. Apart from increasing your risk of getting in an accident. 1,459 more words

Today’s Big Pharma Forecast For Robyn Michele Levy’s Brain

Today is a teary new day in your neurodegenerative life!  Your brain chemistry — particularly your dopamine 12 more words

Just to See you Smile

There are many important milestones that we look forward to in Dane’s development. His first step. His first word. When we finally don’t have to wipe his rear anymore because he can do it himself. 476 more words


How to stimulate happiness by understanding the brain.

Taking on this Life Project has lead me to discover some interesting and useful information about the brain and how it can affect happiness levels, motivation, emotions etc. 926 more words

Life Project

Avenger - Dopamine

Making a smashing debut on Czech imprint Trance All Stars is US-based producer Avenger.

Dopamine is a track created in such a way as to trigger the release of the namesake feel-good substance. 151 more words


Cushing of PPID?

De termen ziekte van Cushing, syndroom van Cushing en PPID worden op allerlei sites vaak door elkaar gehaald of als synoniem gebruikt. Toch zijn het drie verschillende problemen, waarvan er één zelfs nauwelijks bij paarden voorkomt. 451 more words

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