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The Pros And Cons Of Supplementing With Tyrosine

Tyrosine is one of 20 different amino acids which are used by cells in the human body to synthesize proteins, building blocks of muscles and other organs. 478 more words


Scientific Proof Love is Bad for You

My darlings,

Are you ok? How’s your week been?

Okay, this will not be a rant, I promise. It will be a scientific evaluation of why love is just plain unhealthy. 449 more words


Changing Habits: All It Takes Is An Orange

My daughter has been learning about patterns in school this year.  It’s a topic she really seems to enjoy.  We’ve spent evenings going over homework assignments, trying to guess what the next item in a certain pattern is, and she’s getting pretty good at it.   2,009 more words

Chemistry Love

Who would have ever thought love could be explained as a sort of chemical process? A temporary state of mind? I must admit, it’s a wonderful feeling to be in love. 424 more words


Vitamin C: Not Just For The Immune System

Did you realize that the highest concentration of vitamin C is actually in the adrenal glands? Most people think about the immune system and nothing else yet vitamin C is responsible for helping to regulate the production of many adrenal hormones. 344 more words

7 Things You Can't Live Without

Feel Calm in the Mornings

Linda Blair, a clinical psychologist and mindfulness expert, has this to say:

“As soon as I wake up, I spend around three to five minutes on mindful awareness, which keeps me calm and gives me clarity for the day ahead. 257 more words