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I can and I will - secrets to happiness

A few days ago I earned a trip to Paris for two with my company.  I had already earned it for one, but going without my husband was not an option.   1,126 more words

What Is Happening To Me? Spidey Senses, Beanie Segal and How Music Affects Your Brain

“My spidey senses is tingling. I feel something. Got my radars up ” Beanie Sigel

That line always stuck with me because I knew exactly what Beans was talking about. 346 more words

B Traven

The Mind Is What The Brain Does - a poem by Kate Rauner

Receptors iontropic,
Neurotransmitter release,
Epigenics of the brain,
Study shows us these.
Endorphines, oxytocin
And no-re-pin-e-phrine
Is the ink our brain writes with
Along with dopamine. 106 more words


Imaging Willpower: Using Brain Scans to Explore Obesity

For some people, the smell of Mom’s home-baked pie, the sight of an ice cream truck, or the sound of sizzling French fries can trigger a feeding frenzy. 483 more words



Winning is FUN.  In fact, there is a huge industry built upon our generation’s desire to win- Gambling. That includes the lottery, in my book. 384 more words


Dark Chocolate Cleanse--Remove Toxins and Feel Good!

I’ve been seeing a lot of hype about doing a juice cleanse to get rid of impurities in your body and detoxify your system. Now, I’ve thought about doing this, but I’ve decided on a different approach… I’ve decided to do a dark chocolate cleanse instead. 414 more words

Serial Story