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Aaron Rodgers' Doppleganger Goes in Search of Rodgers' English Family History

A few weeks ago, Tom Wrigglesworth appeared on American television, looking like Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers with crazier hair, playing an engineer. He’s actually an English comedian, and he is finding great joy in the similarities between he and Rodgers. 102 more words


Dopplegangers and Doubling in Bioshock Infinite: Where the Hell Did That Beard Come From?

There is a system of doubles in Bioshock Infinite. Heads or tails, alive or dead, Comstock or Booker, Robert or Rosalind. As the Luteces like/liked/will like to say: “The same coin, a different perspective.” 55 more words


Aaron Rodgers Has a Doppleganger Appearing on a Science Channel Show

No, that is not Aaron Rodgers appearing on Science Channel in disguise, posing as an engineer, while wearing a wig. This screen grab was sent out by… 97 more words


What Fictional Character or Celebrity Are You?

After filling out the ‘Which Johnny Depp Character Are You?’ quiz for the third time because I wasn’t satisfied with the result I was getting (I was hoping for Donnie Brasco or maybe the guy from… 414 more words


Oscar Recap: Dopplegänger Edition

Alright alright alright, I know you’d probably rather drop your computer from a 30 storey building than be bombarded by another best-dressed list, after party slideshow, or blog post concerning the Oscars but bear with me. 189 more words

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How I didn't become a politician in Germany...

I feel I should explain something. There’s a woman in Germany called Prof Dr. Christina Völkl-Wolf and she is not me.

On our first day travelling to the university in Würzburg, we immediately began to notice posters with people’s faces on them. 482 more words