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Leigh Ann: Video Celebrity Dopplegangers

This is unbelievable. Check out these celebs and their look-a-likes.

I swear some of these are down right spooky.

Do you have a doppelganger?


10 Celebrity Lookalikes You Never Realized Before Now

Did you know some of your favorite celebs aren’t even people at all? Think about it! Have you ever seen these stars in the same room with their not-so-famous doppelgangers? 211 more words

This is just a collection of celebrity dopplegangers

My friend sent me a link to this Tumblr yesterday, knowing that I sometimes have a hard time telling certain famous people apart. Is it Helen Hunt or Jodie Foster in that movie about the tornadoes? 68 more words

Piers Morgan Dopplegangers, Aloe Vera Water and finally getting a loom bracelet :)

Yesterday was a good day. Fact! Like every other day it started out with work, but for a change it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and the sun even made an appearance just as 5 o clock hit. 429 more words