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Don't take beautiful legs abroad

Photo: Swelling on left leg from bite and numerous marks on both legs.

Before I left England I had beautiful legs. Beautiful by my definition meant no marks; bar a light scar below my left knee from breaking a window (not as cool as it sounds, my mum was very cross with me). 387 more words


Golf-Guilt and a ME Day!

Every now and then my body likes to remind me that, well, I might be … pushing it … a bit much.

But it understands my responsibilities: husband, two kids, job, extended family, friends, volunteering, rabid blog habit … and it’s really quite thoughtful of others in how it goes about giving said reminders and only does so when it thinks there might actually be time to… 896 more words

Mother's Musings

Anyone still out there? I am FOUR!!!

*blows dust off disused blog*  Hello?  Anyone there?

As you can see my lazy human hasn’t done ANYTHING with this blog since my last purrthday.  Looks like I am only allowed to blog once a year!  272 more words

A 'Butch' Handbag

1. the Duct Tape BibleIf you can’t duct it…fuck it!

2. Hand rolled…legal, for now, cigarettes.  Just like the Marlboro Man!

3. A belt. 

284 more words

Picture books for TCKs

TCKs are Third Culture Kids and our little Elliot is one. We’ve been keen to surround him with resources that will help him to sort out his world, however subtly. 662 more words

Written By Tamie

Don't trust Dora!

According to common ideas about time travel and general common sense, traveling back in time to view your past self is possible. Dora the Explorer has demonstrated this fact for us: 574 more words

July 16, 2014: Dora--we are listening

Rowan is enjoying some quality Dora time while I’m making dinner.

Dora: Say “Arriba!”

Rowan: Weeba!

Dora: Say it louder!

Rowan: LOUDER!!

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