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25 Days Of Christmas Music: Day Sixteen

Day 16 is another 2 for Tuesday… and it’s a cold one!

Sing Along:

                     Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I really can’t stay – Baby it’s cold outside…

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Enough of This Stupid Sunday. Let's Go Dancing!

(Thanks, Swudanst Harlow!)

Sure, why not? A little freshly made bathtub gin (wooo!), maybe a few attempts to do the Charleston without looking too dumb flailing around, maybe a burger later at a cheap diner? 297 more words


#DBLFeatureFriday - Rom-Com Classic Pairings

The on-screen chemistry of a pair of actors is never more scrutinized than it is in a Romantic Comedy. Back in the 30’s William Powell and Myrna Loy had the smoothest on-screen chemistry of all time, with a rapid-fire, conversational interplay that will spin your head if you’ve never seen them perform. 522 more words

Double Feature

Theme songs - Chocolate

No matter what music you make, EVERYONE loves chocolate. And as I am from Belgium myself…


Doris Day's Midnight Moves

Doris Day’s Midnight Moves

Doris work up in the dark still wearing her makeup, clothes, her eyes adjusting to the darkness, she had just went over to put her feet up on the couch and here she is 5 hours later looking at the clock. 332 more words


I Got the Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night

Several days ago, I was watching a rerun of Hawaii Five-O.  Carol Burnett guest-starred. At the end of the show, she sang, “I’ve Got the Sun in the Morning.” I loved her rendition of it. 517 more words

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