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Fruitful discussions on Facebook about the Shugden / Anti Dalai Lama campaign with NKT followers

The Facebook group Talk about Shugden – which I cannot follow due to not being on FB – seems to offer a useful discussion between ill informed NKT zealots and more informed or at least more reasonable and openly investigating people. 2,094 more words

Dorje Shugden Controversy


Freakin’ Dorje Shugden!! i guess you think you funny?!
I’m Still SMH!
So Saturday, My Beloved Dharma Procter Dorge Shugden comes to town, in the form of his orcle! 470 more words

How Low Can Shugden Supporters Stoop? Dear NKT students, brothers/sisters in the Dharma: Please Pause!

GUEST POST by Joanne Clark

On several occasions, people have asked HH Dalai Lama about grief and how to deal with the loss of someone close. 1,481 more words

New Kadampa Tradition

Dorje Shugden – a paper about the cessation of Shugden worship in Ladakh and the Western Himalaya

There is now a paper by Prof. Martin A. Mills, Senior Lecturer in the Anthropology of Religion at the University of Aberdeen, available online that offers interesting insights and a well informed background how the people from Ladakh and the Western Himalaya dealt with the Shugden interdiction and how Shugden worship disappeared in in that area. 323 more words


Article 10: All Rivers Flow into One Ocean

This is the last article in a series of 10 devoted to presenting the little known Nirvana Teachings, the final instructions of the Buddha given from his deathbed. 2,095 more words

The Ultimate Teachings

A Brief Correction of Deliberately Misleading Information on Dorjeshugden.com Regarding the Situation at Sera Mey


The then Abbot of Sera Mey, Kensur Rinpoche Lobsang Rabga, who presided over the separation and segregation of monastic assets allowed Serpom Monastery (formally Pomra Khamtsen) to keep only the buildings on Pomra Khamtsen land, leaving the Serpom monks without a prayer hall, without a school and with insufficient accommodation.

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