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Feds Issue Bulletin on Google Dorking

Feds Issue Bulletin on Google Dorking | Public Intelligence

Examples of Dorking

A bulletin issued by the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center earlier this month warns law enforcement and private security personnel that malicious cyber actors can use “advanced search techniques” to discover sensitive information and other vulnerabilities in websites.  512 more words


If Leonardo da Vinci Designed Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suit, It Would Look Like This « Nerdist

Axel Medellin has brought us yet another incredible thing we didn’t know we needed in our lives until it appeared.

Behold, Iron Man from the age of da Vinci! 27 more words

▶ Vengeance: An iPhone 4S Short Film

Because it’s Labor Day, and I’m too tired for any proper laboring.

Some good moody cinematography in this, though, I must say.

▶ Vengeance: An iPhone 4S Short Film – YouTube.

Hard to be a Hawk

Considering that Southern California is on fire, both from the land and from the sky, the word, “hot” used to describe my current atmosphere is woefully inadequate. 769 more words


I Fail At the "Girly" Things: Confessions of a Charm School Dropout

Technically, I am a straight female. Technically. And I’ve learned enough to get by, and put myself together fairly well. Children do not flee from the sight of my horrible, wizened visage, and all of the rumors about my house made of candy have simmered down at last.

460 more words

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It’s a chilly, rainy day here on the farm, so I’ve been doing photo edits from this past week. Which is good, because I take a lot of photos-I mean, look at my pasture, how can I not?!?-and sometimes, like recently, I run out of hard drive space. 524 more words

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Since the festival officially open tomorrow, I thought today would be a good time to post a link to the official event website.

I’ve attended this event since I was teeny tiny, and it never fails to blow me away. 116 more words