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Ohio Renaissance Festival

Since the festival officially open tomorrow, I thought today would be a good time to post a link to the official event website.

I’ve attended this event since I was teeny tiny, and it never fails to blow me away. 116 more words

My Big Dork

The longer she’s here, the more time I spend with her, the more she relaxes. On Tuesday, she showed me just how comfortable she is here… 88 more words

goblin by sofiavalecruz

Continuing the lead-up to Ren Fest…

It’s just not a good festival without a few good goblins.

Here’s a great one:

Check out this and more of sofiavalecruz’s work here: goblin by sofiavalecruz on deviantART.

...actually reads the Chipotle cup.

I’m a dork. I love to read. Put just about anything with words on it in front of me and I’ll read it. Magazines, cereal boxes, wine bottles–anything. 39 more words

Things I Do

You Can't Hide Dork

Oh dear,

did I just say that?


I stink at chitchat.

For such

a quiet and silent one

my foot’s

in my mouth a good portion. 117 more words


▶ DESPAIR fantasy film by Bram Knol

In honor of my coming trip to the Ohio Renaissance Fair, I thought it was time for a day or two of fantasy.

Today I’m sharing “Despair” By Bram Knol. 32 more words