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Forest Rogers

Mystical and enchanting, Forest Rogers’ work brings to life classic monsters with modern interpretations. Sculptor, illustrator, and glass-worker, her pieces are far more varied than I have space to show. 13 more words

Week 9 Activity: Counterfactual? Que?

Wasn’t sure where to take this week’s activity.  Be somebody else?  Push the limit?
Not sure ’bout all of that.  But there is one thing I’m sure of: 489 more words



Back in June, I received a call from Conrad, my wife’s uncle. It seems his neighbor, Bob, was looking to sell his Honda scooter. It needed some work, and Conrad knew that I had some experience with getting a Honda scooter in running condition. 616 more words

Quest Perilous!

So, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to my personal journey toward becoming a vegetarian. I think it will be interesting to watch my progress and I’m sure I can get some laughs looking back on it in a few years time. 168 more words