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Egyptian Cat Painting

Inspired by old egyptian art works, i painted this last night. I love history ☆


Moon Animate Make-Up!

This Sailor Moon re-animation was created by many artists, in their own styles, over the span of 10 months! It’s pretty nifty to watch, even though it is the DiC version of the original. Anyways, enjoy!


Doctor Horrible's "Steve Berg" is in a Progressive commercial

Okay, this isn’t exactly ‘stop the presses’ news, nor is it timely. I found this commercial while on vacation, but was only able to verify him after the week was up! 52 more words


He Chained A Woman To Shipwreck 75 Feet Below The Sea, For This Reason… | The Socialcrat

Believe it or not, none of these images are photoshopped. The photographer went to Bali with his models (and a gaggle of safety divers) and chained the models to actual shipwrecks. 32 more words

We've All Been There Dude

David Moye The Huffington Post 07/17/14 02:03 PM ET
Dr. Matthew Valente has seen his share of sticky situations in his years as a Chicago-based emergency room physicians, but none were as weird as the man who superglued his hand to his penis. 376 more words


Monster Kookies

Today I’m featuring the art of Monster Kookies, an artist who works with polymer clay to create some truly fabulous beasties and gadgets.

Her work has been featured in a variety of publications and international galleries. 40 more words