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Hey, look, I did a thing!

So at the end of the spring semester, my roommate and I inherited a futon from her boyfriend. He was transferring and didn’t want to take it home (he lives a few states away) so offered it to is before taking it to Goodwill. 180 more words

Positive Posts


All is quiet and I’m finally going to sit a minute.

First I need to offer Bernie my deepest sympathies on the loss of her husband, Larry.  1,298 more words

Alone at Last?

After spending two days on campus with my parents going through orientation, our time together to came to an end yesterday morning. After church, I said goodbye to my family. 770 more words


I’ve been ignoring you guys lately…oops. I’ve gotta good excuse though, I’m in college. Holy fuck that sounds crazy but I’m so happy, not even happy, but interested and content on being here. 288 more words

I Did Something

Mondays suck, even in college

Mondays have never been my thing. Monday mornings are the most annoying thing that can happen, until today. Monday mornings in college- try that one on for size. 292 more words


First Impressions: Freshman Year of College

I’ve been in college for over a week and think it’s high time I updated my blog. After all, I am finally actually Katy IN… 1,003 more words

(College Countdown) Dorm Organization

College move in is finally here! And while that brings lots of excitement it may also have many of you wondering exactly how you are going to neatly (and cutely) fit ALL of your belongings on only one side of a room. 501 more words