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Healthy Dorm Life Starter Tips

To all dorm students, it is possible to eat healthy and stay in shape during school! May seem impossible with all the cafeteria food, endless hours and studying, and the active social life. 387 more words


UPDATE: The Patriarchy's shower heads

From “The Hillsdale Collegian
Oct. 16, 2014

Photo by Breana Noble
Some girls are too tall for the shower heads in the dorms at Hillsdale. 959 more words


13 Ridiculously Cute Dorm Rooms

Now that you’ve been on campus for awhile, you’re settling into your surroundings — and by that I mean the tiny section of the room you call your own. 170 more words


FALLing into College

So its been a while, hasn’t it? I’m almost two months into my freshman year of college…WOW when did that happen? I absolutely love my school, and I never could’ve dreamed of how at home I would feel here. 632 more words


it's been a long time again

I’m using this post as an excuse to stop studying for half an hour, listen to some good music and detox. I have four exams and two papers due in close proximity. 535 more words

The Journey

Sewing withwendy: Modifying T-shirts into V-necks, and Open Days at Kansai Gadai

Courtesy of Japan, I have a lot of t-shirts. Potentially, too many, especially because they’re mainly aimed at men and are hence round necked and really high. 911 more words


Falling in Love in the Cafeteria

I remember swearing that I’d never do itĀ again; I would never tread back to those high school fantasy days where your eyes meet with a cute upperclassmen and suddenly you have plans for two children, a house in the burbs, and a mid-sized sedan with a cliche “I <3 my kids” sticker on it. 210 more words

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