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Business Insider Features Exeter!

Hey guys,

Recently a Business Insider reporter visited PEA and wrote a photo essay about their experience. I was lucky enough to meet with her and talk a little about Exeter at lunch on the day she came. 23 more words

Clubs And Events

a day in the life of a main campus golden flash

It’s 6 a.m. Your phone alerts you to a new text message and you bolt upright. Could it be? Classes cancelled?

As you rub sleep from your eyes, you read the new message:  296 more words

The Journey

To the Elephants Above Me (and the poor girls below)

To the girls that room above me on the second floor: You do not need to jump off of your bed at 2 am. An elephant would be quieter than you. 18 more words

Well Hello There

As senioritis begins to set in, my suitemate and I begin to have revolutionary thoughts. Sometimes we wonder, why don’t we share these thoughts with the rest of the world? 71 more words

College Gifts: An Empty Laundry Room

Shuffling at a snail’s pace I make it through my residence halls lounge. Laundry in hand I descend from the second floor to the basement. I take the stairs even though the elevator is obviously a better choice, given the circumstances. 237 more words

Wednesday Nights in the Dorm

Hey Everybody!

People on campus are usually in an excited frenzy at this point in the term– there is only one week left of regular classes, winter feels like it’s around the corner, and students are getting ready to head home for Thanksgiving Break. 232 more words


DIY: Simple N' Chic Serving Tray

Hi, Collegiate Babes! It’s November already meaning the dreaded season of finals is fast approaching! Before you burrow yourself in your room for “study hibernation”, here’s a quick and easy DIY to add some glam to your study cave. 353 more words