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I Lived In a College Dorm for 2 Years and I Survived

I’m wrapping up my second year of college and my second year of living in a dorm. Overall it’s been a really great experience. Here are some things I learned that helped me to survive and enjoy dorm life! 370 more words

Always Learning

The 20 Year Battle

It was a Saturday night. I was about a month from the end of my freshman year of college and a couple of friends and I decided to stay in and watch movies and eat pizza. 1,597 more words

Time Management Tips to INGRAIN in your BRAIN

The transition you make from high school to college is one in which you finally inherit the freedom from parent signatures on your report card. Your motivation for good grades is no longer avoiding a lengthy scolding from your parents about how you need to learn to apply yourself. 1,237 more words

Alan Lakein

Weekly Rundown: Campus Life

In preparation for the fall, be sure you think of what the campus life is like at the college you choose.

  • Choose your degree wisely as it will certainly affect your potential career earnings. 
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Red Fox Roommate Selection

So next fall you are moving away from your hometown, your parents, your bedroom. And in case that wasn’t surreal enough, your new college room will be shared with another person – who you have never met! 1,124 more words

Marist College

My Photobooth Project @ The Quad

Wow…This project turned out to be ten times less painful than I thought it would be. After my classmates’ horror stories of sitting at the beach for two hours and only convincing three people to get their picture taken, I was not looking forward to my experience at The Quad, the dormitory I live in. 201 more words

A small list of things I've learned during my short time as a college student

These are a few of the things I’ve learned from college:

1. I don’t think I’ll ever completely grasp chemistry, but I do find it interesting. 277 more words