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Appreciating the Profound Few

Good evening!  I apologize, again, for my delay in posting.  I’ve no excuse for my absence this time.  Please forgive me!

I am currently sipping an unexpectedly delicious mix of tea and creamer in my dorm room, wishing more and more as the day progresses that I were on the road on the way to Washington state with my family.   432 more words

Oklahoma Christian University

Oh my god pumpkin bread

I made four full sized loafs and five small loafs of pumpkin bread. The worst part isn’t how much of it there is, it’s that a full loaf is gone and it’s only been a few hours. 53 more words


Moving out...

Today, I moved out of my dorm room, permanently.

Last week I had taken all of my clothing home. I emptied my dresser and my closet because I wanted to move a little bit out at a time so it was easier. 564 more words

College Experience

The Stripper and the Goth

What do a stripper and a goth have in common? Absolutely nothing other than the fact that the two of them were roommates.

It all started when I first moved into the dorms… I was placed with someone else from a suburb of Rochester so I thought ‘cool I’m going to have something in common with this girl’. 1,032 more words

I've Got Sunshine

When you are away from those you love, a piece of mail can make all the difference.  Even if you are able to talk to friends and family on the phone, via email, or using social media, there is still something special about receiving a thoughtful, tangible message in your physical mailbox.  200 more words

My Healthy LIfe

Alive Campus Article

My article “Dorm Life: Creativity At Its Finest” was just published on AliveCampus.com. Learn about my favorite moments living at Emerson and experiencing dorm life, thus far. 10 more words

'Tis the season for roommate conflicts (fa la la la la, la la la la)

(There’s some language in here. Just so everyone can understand my current mood and frustrations related to my roommate situation.)

Dorm Room Conflicts (to the tune of Deck the Halls, lyrics by me) 187 more words