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no survivors.

We’re enslaved to the things we can’t control, that’s life. Our faults are the things we can change, and don’t. We go through life with such slow precaution in fear of losing what we have, despite not knowing what it is. 30 more words


Typing - Hand pain is the Game

Typing on keyboards can be either very easy, flowing, or uncomfortable and stagnant. Typing this now I’m using a laptop stand, it angles the keyboard towards me, so its not lying flat, which makes it easier for me to type as well as see the keyboard. 242 more words


My Apartment!

My apartment

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Hi guys! So, in my Thrifty Thursday I pinky swore that this post would be up this weekend… and today is Monday, but hey it was a long weekend! 239 more words


These first two weeks back at Emory have been among some of the busiest weeks of my life. I realize that I haven’t exactly been keeping up with the blog, but I am back (for real this time). 128 more words


First Columbia Days

Ousseynou Cissé via photopin cc

These first few days at Columbia have been a whirlwind of boring mandatory orientation presentations, random outings with my floor mates, and consuming pizza two times a day. 291 more words

Daily Thoughts

College Welcome Activities

Thoughts on welcome activities…

There is some irony to this, considering that I’m skipping a “Sex Signals” talk to write this.

I’m not feeling a lengthy intro today, so I’m going to get straight to my opinionated rant. 184 more words


Wi-Fi where are you?

Wi-Fi. Don’t we always make sure it’s within reach, where ever we happen to be? Well, it’s even more essential when it comes to the Dorm situation. 391 more words