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Day 1.5: The State of Wonderland

Like with every tale, there is explanation, or back-story. Mine has a long, complex one, but let’s just stick to what actually makes my head a Wonderland. 453 more words

When Duncan Looked Out Of His Window

When Duncan looked out of his window

When Duncan got up that rainy Sunday morning, he secretly wished that he had somebody to keep his secret wishes from. 494 more words


Review of the dormousing year

It’s late November, and despite the usually mild weather, most dormice will be hibernating by now. That gives dormouse monitors some time to take stock of the year, enter data onto the national database, and start planning for next year. 302 more words


How to tell who's been nibbling your nuts

Hazel nuts are popular with many small mammals (our native dormouse, muscardinus avellenarius, is called the hazel dormouse for a reason). And the way a nut is opened can tell you who’s eaten it. 465 more words


October 2014 Surveys


We had a good day and we found three dormice all in one box. They were an adult and two well grown juveniles – I suspect two were the animals we found in September, as the location was similar. 232 more words


Dormice don't read text books

One of the things I love about monitoring dormice is the way they frequently surprise me. When I first started learning about dormice I was amazed at how much we don’t know about them. 327 more words