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Dormouse license!

After four years of volunteering at box checks, scrambling over and under fallen trees, battling holly and brambles, and being stung by nettles and bees, I now have my dormouse license! 551 more words


Day 22: Sisters in Wonderland

Today is the day.

In two hours, one of my friends will get here from her new home far away, and then the rest will slowly trickle in. 207 more words

Day 21: Cake in Wonderland

I made a cake today, so there’s that.

I have made it for my sisters from another mister, my dormice. I missed them so and I’m going to see them all tomorrow and I am so stoked about that, so I baked a cake. 204 more words

Day 5: Home in Wonderland

So update. I am back in college town after a week of being in the hometown.

I missed it. Ok, edit, I missed the people. I do not miss the schoolwork and the tiring hours but yes, oh yes, did I miss the people. 297 more words

Day 1.5: The State of Wonderland

Like with every tale, there is explanation, or back-story. Mine has a long, complex one, but let’s just stick to what actually makes my head a Wonderland. 453 more words

When Duncan Looked Out Of His Window

When Duncan looked out of his window

When Duncan got up that rainy Sunday morning, he secretly wished that he had somebody to keep his secret wishes from. 494 more words


Review of the dormousing year

It’s late November, and despite the usually mild weather, most dormice will be hibernating by now. That gives dormouse monitors some time to take stock of the year, enter data onto the national database, and start planning for next year. 302 more words