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Poetry on painkillers...

After the slightly deeper entry about taking better care of myself, I thought a couple more codeine induced bursts of poetry were about due! Written around 4am, I’m not sure these will make it into the collection to be published… 205 more words

Fascinating wildlife fact #12: dormice spend three quarters of their life asleep

Not only do dormice hibernate for around half the year, they also spend a large part of early summer in a state called ‘torpor’. Torpor is somewhere between sleep and hibernation, and helps them save energy on cooler days. 45 more words


Dormouse license!

After four years of volunteering at box checks, scrambling over and under fallen trees, battling holly and brambles, and being stung by nettles and bees, I now have my dormouse license! 551 more words


Day 22: Sisters in Wonderland

Today is the day.

In two hours, one of my friends will get here from her new home far away, and then the rest will slowly trickle in. 207 more words

Day 21: Cake in Wonderland

I made a cake today, so there’s that.

I have made it for my sisters from another mister, my dormice. I missed them so and I’m going to see them all tomorrow and I am so stoked about that, so I baked a cake. 204 more words