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first impressions: bastard out of carolina.

A professor once told me that short literary works are opportunities for lyricism, and the longer a piece of writing becomes, the less music can be present without driving the reader crazy. 347 more words


When I teach my students about setting, I always open that session or week with Dorothy Allison’s essay, “Place.” Inevitably, my class is always split: there’s the half that loves what Allison has to say about writing about place, and another half that is somewhat “offended” (I’m still trying to wrap my brain around why that is), or turned off by the raw, gritty, abrasive approach to writing Allison takes. 519 more words


I become fantasy

“I do not have fantasies. Fantasy opens me up; I become fantasy. I am the dangerous daughter, thigh-stroking, soft-tongued lover, the pit, the well, the well of horniness, laughter rolling up out of me like gravy boiling over the edge of a pan. 83 more words


wxw: tomales bay 2014

Just a few weeks ago I was driving out of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge while debating with Andre Dubus III and Kwame Dawes… 172 more words

Craft Of Writing

like bad whiskey

“And don’t go taking that gospel stuff seriously, It’s nice to clean you out now and then, but it ain’t for real. It’s like bad whiskey. 19 more words


At’s only a slide guitar

“Look at you two. You just as crazy as you can be. Look at you. Crying over some people didn’t never really die. ‘At’s only a slide guitar and some stupid people can’t make a living no other way ‘cept acting the fool in front of people like you.”

— Dorothy Allison, Gospel Song, Trash