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Feed the Birds

What can Disney teach us? It seems a rather odd question, because the vast majority of Disney films are for children and so things get simplified. 1,447 more words

What Keeps Us From Seeing the Beauty in Others?

As I have lived as a part of the Tacoma Catholic Worker now for four years I am beginning to have a different imagination for community, relationships, social justice, neighborliness, hospitality and compassion.  492 more words


Reflection 6.24.14

The final word is love.

~Dorothy Day, The Long Loneliness


14th June 2014

God is our creator. God made us in His image and likeness. Therefore we are creators . . . The joy of creativeness should be ours.

~~Dorothy Day


Fool For Christ

Fools For Christ

I have not always made the wised decisions in life, obviously, or maybe I would not be continually getting myself in the precarious situations in which I often find myself… 757 more words


“Food for the body is not enough – there must be food for the soul.”
Dorothy Day

Shot in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, at Bayasgalant Daycare Centre.

What Would Dorothy Do?

When I started blogging, back in 2009, the young publicist at Columbia University Press who got me started told me that blogging means having a conversation with other bloggers. 706 more words