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Instagram Etiquette: The Do's and Don'ts

This is replacing an earlier post, which I deleted because I thought it was way too confusing. I’m going to try to combine the pile of crazy we know and love to be Instagram with the modern definition of etiquette. 576 more words


An Open Letter To Cowardly Guys

We recently stumbled upon this intriguing and relatable article on EliteDaily about that guy that vanished from the face of the earth without the small courtesy of communicating an inkling of his plan. 321 more words

Happy Shopper! A guide to being a good customer.

I love working in retail. At least I used to back when I was passionate about the products I sold. Times change.

Now that my daily mantra is “it’s better than being on jobseekers” I have started to question my career choice. 1,316 more words

Top 5 Things To Do When Meeting Monkeys

Travelling teaches you to over-prepare for everything, but how prepared can you be when coming face-to-face with wild monkeys?

On a recent trip to Malaysian Borneo, my picture-perfect beach paradise was interrupted by some sneaky visitors.

198 more words

10 Tips For An American Abroad

Made this quick video with a couple tips for an American student, like myself, who is planning on studying abroad. Enjoy!

Your Friend,

The ExPat

How to get good skin and keep it

Taking care of our skin is such an important step in our beauty routine that we sometimes neglect. We forget to take our makeup off or don’t wash our makeup brushes. 957 more words


5 do's and don'ts of being a writer

5. Don’t eat heavy meals just before writing.
4. Do fill a 16 oz. bottle of water before you sit down to write and refill it at least three times before bed. 42 more words