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Healthy mixed-vegetable Dosa

Being a South Indian, the one most often prepared breakfast is Dosa. Be it plain, onion, masala, ravva, whatever is the version, dosa is a special and most loved food at home. 371 more words

Side Dishes

Masala Dosa- Long Street

Masala Dosa on busy Long Street, Cape Town is a richly decorated and well loved Indian restaurant. In comparison to many supposedly ‘good’ Indian establishments in the city the quality and authenticity is notable. 383 more words

Dosa at Kyobashi Dhaba

I remember ten years when I first had a dosa at Dhaba in Kyobashi. I was in heaven. It immediately brought me back to the first dosa I had in Singapore a decade before. 250 more words

Bargain Eats

The Quest for Dosa : NYC

The title is a rip off from this blog. This blog writer, besides sharing a love for dosa, also happens to be someone I know quite well! 282 more words


Hadith Qudsi: Betapa Luas Keampunan ALLAH!

Sebarkanlah hadith qudsi ini kepada ahli keluarga dan para kenalan supaya kita dan mereka tahu dan sedar bahawa betapa besar dan luasnya keampunan ALLAH menanti kita semua.   155 more words


Delicacies of India Now Available In Dubai

Indian sandwiches are very easy to prepare and they simply taste delicious. An excellent choice for satisfying and hearty lunch is potato and cheese sandwiches. Cheese and potato sandwich can be easily prepared by mixing potato along with green chilli, ginger, cilantro, mango powder and salt. 220 more words


What does your favourite Mumbai street food say about you?

Simply writing this post is literally making my mouth water. It’s been years since I last went to Mumbai, and though I can get all these tasty treats in my hometown of Leicester, it’s really not quite the same. 420 more words

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