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W.R. Hutsell’s World War II in Europe

Getting another classic Hutsell MS-DOS strategy game up and running


Quite some time ago I wrote about W.R. Hutsell’s VGA Civil War Strategy, a wonderful little MS-DOS gem that is available as a free download at… 427 more words


Are Games Getting Easier?

Recently I’ve been turning back time and playing some games from my youth on DOSBox. I’ve been struggling to make it past the first levels of Return to Zork, Bloodnet, Metal Gear, Alone in the Dark to name but a few. 422 more words

Daggerfall: Installation and Character Creation

Strong words there, Bethesda. Alright. First things first:


Well, as luck may have it, and through the benevolence of Bethesda, you can download Daggerfall… 734 more words



I’m really excited to be starting this blog covering everything about gaming.  I’m caught between being a prolific and casual gamer.  I finish games I get into but leave most part-way through or cheat my way to the end using walkthrus just to get closure.   123 more words

MASM in Ubuntu

In this post I explain how to use MASM assembler with Ubuntu(Linux):
Installing Dosbox
Fire up the terminal and type:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dosbox…
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PiT Gems: War, Inc.

Sup Geeks? Time for another installment of PiT Gems, this time featuring an old-school RTS called War, Inc.

War, Inc was released by Interactive Magic on August 31, 1997. 543 more words

PiT Gems

Graphical analog clock written in Assembly

While I took a course about microprocessor architecture at college, I worked on a program that showed time in analog and digital format. The code was written in assembly language (MASM in particular). 200 more words

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