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Scheduling and Ayurveda -- Difficulties of the Vata Dosha

I have difficulties with scheduling.

Those who know me well – or even those who know me a little – will likely not be surprised at this point. 764 more words


An Ashtangi in Chakraland - Pt 2

“Someday we’ll find it, the Rainbow Connection…..”  Kermit the Frog

Our 7th Chakra practice was seated meditation.  Let me note here, that it took me years to learn just to sit still without fidgiting and talking.   510 more words

Dana’s Dinacharya (routine) for Balancing Vata

by Dana Nielsen

Are you running late to class/work/etc, because your forgot your wallet/phone/key then had to run back to your house, only to realize you had your said item was in the side pocket of your bag the whole time? 940 more words

Laughing Lotus Love Blog SF

The trouble with transformation

Maybe I am thinking about change because it is fall — at least according to the calendar. In Austin, there really are no dramatic fall colors yet, maybe we will get a glimpse of something beautiful for a short moment before a rainstorm blows all the leaves off the trees in December. 673 more words


Pitta: Fire + Water

Words of warning, this will be one of the dense-r posts (read substantial + helpful). I try to inject lightness in my writing – who says being healthy shouldn’t be fun? 896 more words


Hey Doctor! What's my Dosha?

Shedding light on why different Ayurvedic doctors give you different opinions of your Prakriti

In Ayurveda the three Doshas are considered to be of fundamental importance in treating and preventing physical and mental disease. 1,616 more words


Ayurveda 101: The Doshas

         Ayurvedic medicine is based on the principles of the three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. This 5,000 year old tradition focuses on the balance of our physical and emotional characteristics. 349 more words