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Ayurvedic Solutions for Beautiful Skin

As our bodies are unique and have individual characteristics, so does our skin. Our skin is affected by the type of Dosha we have and the combination of the elements within our bodies. 187 more words

Making Truly Tasty Meals

by Morgan Webert

Does your food satisfy your tastebuds?

Accoding to Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India, the sense of taste is a natural guide map towards proper nutrition. 416 more words


Friendship, the Ayurvedic Way by Stéphanie Landouer

Yes, we know… This is a terrible selfie. But that’s what friends do, they take silly photos!

Flash back to one year ago, when Christine and I became friends. 832 more words

Laughing Lotus NYC Love Blog


Counter Pose

Seated Forward Bend – Paschimottanasana


Carpal Tunnel
Wrist, elbow, or shoulder injury


Keep knees bent instead of straightening out the legs… 114 more words

Pose Of The Week

Kapha Dosha


KAPHA dosha~~

elements~~ water and earth

qualities~~ moist, cold, heavy, dull, soft, sticky and static

governs~~ building, lubricating, structure

seasons~~ late winter and early spring… 320 more words


Vata Dosha

So after taking the Ayurveda Mind Body Type Test, in the book ‘Perfect Health’ I found that I am led by Vata Dosha. 

I only just started reading more about what it means to be lead by Vata Dosha but I am finding all of the characteristics of this type describe me so precisely. 13 more words