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Ready Stock Keycaps Gambar Dota2

Harga : Rp 35.000,-
Beli Fullset (12 unit) : Rp. 360.000
List Hero:
1. Pudge
2. Razor
3. Sniper
4. Huskar… 35 more words

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Dota 2: New game update released

Recently released to fix many issues:

  • Improved performance and memory used when playing custom games
  • Added support for playing custom games on 32bit Windows
  • Added Direct3D 9 support…
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Dota 2 Best Games Online To Play

Dota is perfect Moba(multiplayer online battle arena) games.This game is one of strategy games that need brain thinkings and team cooperative skill.Even though you have high skill in this games,sometime you cannot win if your team don’t have teamwork style.This game is 5 vs 5.There have much things you must know to feel the play of dota.It is different than LoL because Dota is difficult and different playstyle than LoL which is easy to play and understand the games.I tell like this because people who play Lol cannot play dota or ¬†still newbie but people who play dota can understand Lol in short time.That is the difference between dota and Lol player.Basically,to learn dota need 4 months to understand and to pro dota need many years practising because you need high skill play and fast hand skill that can help you to be best player¬†


Few Words About : DOTA 2

Dota 2 :

Dota(Defense Of The Ancients) is a Multiplayer Online Battle Game Of Real Time Strategy Genre and Was Revealed at Gamescom 2011, Developed and Published By VALVE Corporations. 315 more words

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Life + Dota (Ep.3 Centaur on the spotlight)

Lately, I’ve been using this hero a lot, cus’ I was really amazed how easy for him to get kills with his stun and nuke, plus the ability to initiate or run away from foes with ease or save allies during difficult times using his ulti. 54 more words


What I'm Gaming: Dragon Age: Inquisition, DOTA 2 & Hearthstone

What a time to be alive. Games come out every day for us to enjoy. Games have never been better and I can basically afford to buy any game I want at any point. 1,220 more words


YouPorn now sponsors an e-sports team !?

YouPorn has signed an unknown team that plays Dota 2, League of Legends and HearthStone.

They teased us for months about how serious they are about entering the eSports scene, showing their desire to sign a top team. 373 more words