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This video explains what e-sports are by dividing them up into 4 major genres and then assessing components of each genre.  It then goes into what competitive e-sports mean to some people, how it was able to change their outlook on video games and life. 147 more words


A Passion for His Name

About two weeks ago, our youth group went to have an Amazing Race in UP-Diliman. I left early to buy our dinner and brought my small group of guys with me. 296 more words


Don't Miss! Stack 3 Camps at once (Kunkka)

Cheers for Dire Tinkers, having a perfect triple stacking at 5 minutes will let pro Tinker burns someones ass!!!


General Tips for Drafting

Many see Dota as a series of complex systems one on top of each other.  Whether it’s the jungle creep with their stacking and pulling system, the Unique Attack Modifier system and items such as Maelstrom and how that interacts with other UAMs, or the interaction and combinations and different skills between heroes.   1,758 more words

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Lina Cosplay Dota2 by Xue

Lina Cosplay Dota2 by Xue Dota2, Lina, Xue Uncategorized Lina Cosplay Dota2 by Xue Read in AnimeGirlCosplay.com
Lina Cosplay Dota2 by Xue

Counter-Strike and DOTA2

Have you ever wondered why professional gamers (Pro-gamers) are dominated by young males? Have you ever considered why they have little age difference, or difference in nationality? 882 more words

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There are currently 34,476 people watching other people stream The Sims 4

What. I understand spectating e-sports, I really do. I loved watching the international for Dota2. It made for excellent viewing because I got to see teams succeed and fail in spectacular fashion, forging a path through the competition for the ultimate goal of winning the tournament. 481 more words

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