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Double post! SIMPLES week 8-dots within dots, and 31 Day Challenge, Day 19-Galaxy nails

This week’s SIMPLES lesson (here) was on doing dots within dots to create a sort of ringed effect.  This is one type of dotting that I have never really been a fan of.   729 more words

31 Day Challenge, Day 14-Flowers

“He can call me a flower if he wants to.  I don’t mind.”

“Pretty!  Pretty flower!”

Was that not one of the most adorable scenes in Bambi?   239 more words

31 Day Challenge, day 11-Polka dots

Since I have been doing dots so often lately, I thought it would be good practice to let today just be a skittle of different dot nail art.   359 more words

Double post! 31 Day Challenge, Day 6-Violet Nails and SIMPLES week 7-Multi Colored Dots

Well this was a fun one!  For the first time in days I am completely happy with my challenge mani!  Yesterday was good, but today is definitely better.   353 more words

Foil Polka Dot Manicure

Hey, guys! Today, I wanted to put up a new tutorial, since it has been a while since I have done a step by step tutorial. 244 more words

Elegant Nude Skittles

I tried a more elegant Skittle look this week, and this color combo is totally office appropriate for those of you who need to consider that. 150 more words


Hey Beauties, Happy Fourth of July! Today’s #BerberNailedIt nails are… you guessed it Fourth of July themed!

Let’s get started!
You will need: a base coat, red, white, and blue polish, top coat, nail vinyls or tape, and a dotting tool. 261 more words