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Long Lost Interview with Severus Snape Found by the Art of Spying Authors!

The authors of Harry Potter and the Art of Spying have uncovered a long-lost interview of none other than Severus Snape. Written by Rita Skeeter, who has since retired to a bungalow in Little Whinging, the articles about the interview were discovered as the authors took a tour of Hogwarts castle. 724 more words


For Your Eyes Only: Answers to Order of the Phoenix Quiz!

Check out the answers to Monday’s quiz!

1. When one attacks a person instead of his or ideas, it is called what fallacy?

Argument ad hominem. 301 more words


Agents of SHIELD- episode 17

This episode begins with so much tension between our team. Coulson still thinks May is reporting to the Clairvoyant, she says the line goes directly to Fury who Coulson hasn’t been able to reach in months, why would May try to shoot Fitz and why was Fitz snooping around there anyway?! 654 more words

The Rhyme Game™ puzzle for March 30, 2014. Clue: wily double agent.

The Rhyme Game™ puzzle for March 30, 2014. Clue: wily double agent.

The Rhyme Game

Writing Novels as a Double Agent

This is a guest post by author Portia Macintosh; I reviewed her funny book Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place last month which was the prequel to her full length novel ‘How not to be starstruck’, which is released on March 31st! 418 more words


The Double Agent

With the rise of modern civilization we have seen the creation of many strange psychological phenomena in civilized peoples. But none is more strange and telling of the unhealthy, neurotic nature of civilization than the double agent. 1,248 more words