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31 Days: 6 Weeks

Baby G is now 6 weeks old and it is amazing to think back on what our family looked like before she arrived. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about adding another little one to our family dynamic. 168 more words

31 Days

31 Days: Making Memories with Three

Sorry about the delay in blogging. We have been busy around here. We decided to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather. 378 more words

31 Days

The Fault In Our Bras.

The following is dedicated to large breasted women everywhere.

You and only you will understand.

The fault in our bras?

They just aren’t that great. 115 more words

31 Days: Traveling with A Newborn

If you can avoid it I would recommend not traveling with a newborn. Stay home and cuddle. Watch trashy tv and eat lots of food that does not have to be prepared. 669 more words

31 Days

31 Days :That One Question Everyone Asks

After baby number one people commented on how cute he was. After about a year and a half we started getting the question, “Are you going to have another one?” Once we became pregnant the next question was, “Are you hoping for a girl?” Then after Little D, it was, “You have two boys when are you going to try for a girl?” And now the question we get, one month after Baby G was born, the are you done question. 186 more words

31 Days

A-T-T-I-C; a story about Boobs

In the fourth grade my Boobs became a leading character in the cast of “Kelle’s Life.” Tears spilling out my eyes as I was forced to purchase and then wear my first training bra. 220 more words

Recovering with Three

Postpartum recovery is not the easiest thing. After having three babies and three completely different births, I have learned some interesting lessons.

With Big D my labor was long and it was an induction. 920 more words

31 Days