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The Double Helix of Life

On the train, Ibu Dewi nervously twists the ring on her jari tangan, showing me she is nothing less than sangat kuatir but saya tidak tahu what tentang.

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First Ever Photograph of the DNA Molecule

It hardly resembles the grand design of the famous double helix that I’ve grown to adore over the last 18 months of researching my project The Spit of Me. 188 more words


DNA Double Helix in Nature #3 - Nebula

This is an infrared image of the Double Helix Nebula. A nebula is a cloud of gas and plasma emitted by certain types of stars as they die. 126 more words

Double Helix

That new Strider is alright.

While it’s hard to deny the actual dollar value of a PS Plus account, especially if you have the full PS3/4/Vita complement, what ends up happening most of the time is another indie game being added to my backlog. 500 more words

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The Double Helix: James Watson Was as Savvy as George Lucas

Hey folks! Have you ever wondered about the utility of applying narrative archetypes to science writing? In this guest essay I recently wrote for Randy Olson’s blog,  1,909 more words