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The Double Helix: James Watson Was as Savvy as George Lucas

Hey folks! Have you ever wondered about the utility of applying narrative archetypes to science writing? In this guest essay I recently wrote for Randy Olson’s blog,  1,909 more words


DNA Double Helix in Nature #2 - Goat

Look at this handsome, bearded fellow. He is a Markhor goat. He lives in places like Afghanistan. But it’s his spiralling horns that really impress me. 68 more words

Double Helix

DNA Double Helix in Nature #1 - Clouds

Since I started researching this project, I’ve been become sensitive to how often the double helix design of the DNA molecule appears in the natural world beyond the gene level. 35 more words

Double Helix

Happy Hour is the Best Hour!

On Wednesday my friend Ben and I decided to go to Happy Hour at Townsquare in Las Vegas. Townsquare is an outdoor shopping area that also has many restaurants, bars and a movie theater. 882 more words