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Games of 2014 - Killer Instinct (Season 1)

Developer: Double Helix
Released: 2013
My Playtime: Approx 15-20 hours fighting in arcade ladder, versus, survival and online modes.

Let’s start by addressing the obvious point to make: I’ve been sitting on this review for approximately four or five months.   1,784 more words


Making A Board

I thought some folks might want to see the steps I go through in making one of those fancy cutting boards, so I took some photos while I was making one.   593 more words

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Strider is the latest release from Amazon acquired developer Double Helix Games, and an attempt to revitalise one of Capcom’s most unloved heroes.

For the duration of this hack and slash adventure you play the role of Hiryu Strider – a futuristic, sword-wielding techno assassin – as he hacks and slashes his way through hordes of Russian robots. 337 more words

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Scientific Proof That Our DNA Is Mutating?

The research of human DNA has recently been enjoying a huge increase of interest by a broad audience.
Modern genetic research makes it possible to trace populations and their migrations back into a distant past in order to shed some light on the mysterious origins of man. 2,042 more words

Strider (2014) Review

Alright, here is a game for fans of old school platforming. Strider is a reboot of the long dormant, but not forgotten Strider games first found in arcades back in 1989. 887 more words

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15 Minutes of Game: Strider

This time on 15 Minutes of Game we’re taking a look at the PS4 version of Strider, which is available for PS+ members to download all this month. 121 more words

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