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Sunday Funnies - DOUBLE TROUBLE - The Adventures of Bugsy and Knuckles 1/25/15

Knuckles here… Did you see that clothes pin HH put on my nose last week? The sign meant, clean my litter. Well, here I am this week, and I still have a dent in the left side of my nose and I’m not getting air in and out at full capacity yet… Making progress though.  87 more words

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Double Trouble | Revisited

Ahh, Double Trouble. How I have missed you. (See first review here :) )

This is only the second visit to DT because, well, just look at this food. 519 more words


Double Trouble strip

British Cartoonists Album (1962) Anthony Gibbs & Phillips, Ltd. page 110 Double Trouble strip #2063


Its not Double the Trouble people!

I am going to skip ahead a little today as I want to talk about something that sometimes happens to me. Actually it happens A LOT! 510 more words


Sunday Funnies: DOUBLE TROUBLE - The Adventures of Bugsy and Knuckles 1/11/15

Hi Guys… Knuckles here.  I get to narrate the funnies today.

First, we talked about Bugsy resolving to pursue intellectual endeavors in 2015. Well, he’s decided that he wants to ponder the meaning of words.  118 more words

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