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What All Can Go Right

I live in the land of worst case scenarios where I prepare for whatever there is that can possibly go wrong and for what I would need to do to fix things if they should go wrong. 507 more words

I've got my journal back!

Feeling good. Feeling like things are normal again.

I don’t know if anyone read it, but I’m going to assume no-one did and leave it at that. 125 more words


Losing My Virtue in Order to Find It

For some people, converting to the Catholic Church is like joining the Elk’s lodge. Such an act does not require a radical break with one’s home-tradition. 1,454 more words


For the love of everything you are, remove "aspiring writer" from your lexicon

Listen. You either are a writer or you’re not.

Do you put pen to paper? Do you type 50, 500, 5,000 words a day? Do you tell stories through words? 177 more words

Stick to It

I’m half way through revisions on my second book.  I had this conversation with a friend yesterday, which was probably more me chattering away aimlessly because that’s what I do sometimes, about how I’m learning a lot of new lessons about revising.  528 more words


A dress, fit for a wedding...?

I still remember when boyfriend stuttered out those words, every girl dreams of hearing, “will you marry me?” As his hands shook, opening that tiny ring box, exposing a ring that I could see that he worked hard for, stumbling his knees, I felt nothing back that cliche, … 557 more words


A Good Writer

Once upon a time, I was a good writer. Teachers taught me about metaphors and similes, and books taught me all sorts of ways to describe gory, gritty events that I had never actually witnessed for real. 577 more words