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Meaning making

Humans are deep meaning-making machines. At every instant of our lives, we seem to be processing our environments, both social and physical, and interpreting them in meaning-rich ways. 274 more words


Why worry?

Philippians 4:6


Identify the source of your worries.

Did you grow up in a fear-filled family, always feeling insecure, never measuring up, and never hearing words of affirmation and approval? 479 more words

Bible Knowledge


Faith and believe is in our DNA and inherited, it is also one of the most powerful tools for social positive change the world has ever known, every nation had some sort of indigenous religion, like Yoruba, where I’m from,  or native American etc., something that tied the people to their environment and to each other,  Muslims believe for example that all people are born with a natural predisposition to worship one God,  from martin Luther king, Malcolm x  Islam, the Christians who helped end slavery (lets ignore for now the Christians who started it and benefitted from it.)  At the end of the day, the scholars of religion, the codifiers are just a bunch of men saying and doing stuff, like the council of Nicaea guys who decided this is what we’re going to keep in the bible this is what were gonna throw out, and from this day forward this is the official ‘God’s word’ 332 more words

Do we ever really know?

Know what? Tomorrow? Nope!

We don’t know what tomorrow brings. It’s troubling for many people. It is for me some days. We use the past to judge “future” events. 205 more words


Frozen in Time

The glare of the sun on the ice
My hand on my brow squinting eyes
A plane of water frozen in time
Across the distance the shore climbs… 140 more words

It Is Finished

I have been here
The sight and the smell

Intoxicate, and fuck with my head

One step too far,
I am nearing death

As I loose all the things, I held in… 9 more words

Dark Poetry