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Just stop…!

I am so guilty of this and I am trying to do this more.


Walk the Line

I am the line,
Often toed by those who do not dare to doubt me.

I am the line,
Often crossed by those who do not care about me. 27 more words

Sense to the senseless

Today I felt like writing about the “in-between.” I want to write about when life feels like the pause button has been pushed indefinitely. When it feels like everything and nothing has come crashing down around you all at once. 717 more words


I love Christmas. I always have and I always will love this festive season. As a kid I was the one who would get the tree out and decorate it with all sorts of ornaments and my love of Christmas has never waned. 520 more words

There is room enough for all of us

“Here we try to practice the generous gospel of Jesus Christ.

This means you may be mixing with

Seekers, searchers and those who have been bruised, 494 more words



A tale has been told since time memorial; one that keeps the heart pounding and racing

A tale that leads us to question all that we believe to be true… 617 more words