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Thomas’ Lament

Well it’s finished
I would have to go all out
purge myself of doubt
hold on till the final hour
push for verification
of the one veritable transitory power… 713 more words


What do you think of Thomas?

     What is the first word you think of when Thomas is mentioned? Could it be DOUBT – doubting Thomas? Though distrust or wavering faith, a painful label is add to those of us that faith may be at its weakest you may receive the “honor” of being called “doubting Thomas”. 494 more words

My Fish Bowl Is A Mirror

I live in a bubble

A fishbowl

Curved class confining

A crafted interior

Little blue rocks

And plastic plants

With a ceramic castle

Attempt to create… 91 more words


drowning and moving away

sometimes when things are getting out of control, i wish that i had taken swim lessons as a child. i wish i knew the best way to tread water, hold my breath, and stay calm in the midst of chopping water. 1,352 more words

Eye of a hurricane

When the future is uncertain
The questions are clear
Press on or turn back?

Simple in their brevity
Yet lacking in determination
All that does not succeed… 41 more words


Being an Artist

I suppose I should be very grateful at the fact that I sell art every week and that I can profit off of my craft. Sometimes it is difficult to see the good I am doing because I am dwelling on things that may or may not happen in the future. 220 more words

Are you holding onto uncertainty out of fear?

I think there is a difference between certainty as a form of knowing and certainty as a form of being. It is one thing to acknowledge the possibility of not achieving your goals, but it is another thing entirely to hold on to that uncertainty and act with it. 228 more words

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