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Block Ages

There are many things that could be
And countless more
Invisible to me

My eyes don’t see well
In the dark
And my blood flows slowly… 21 more words


Spider Solitary

Hang on to a last word
Like a profound thought

A theory woven from theories

Shaky at best
And dead at worst

The first in line, 16 more words

Dark Poetry

Holiday or holy day

Wilfred Owen was a British poet who built his reputation as a severe critic of the First World War. (In fact, he lost his life in France two weeks before the Armistice was signed.) As a result of the carnage he witnessed in the trenches young Owen, like so many men of that generation, lost his supernatural faith.  330 more words


God is dead.

Micah J Murray wrote a post called God is dead last year. It inspired this post. The words are ours. The quote is Nietzsche.

* 594 more words


Two Regular Fellows

Lu.4 – Two Regular Fellows

‘So, here we are. You called me. Let’s make this quick so I don’t catch anything from this seat.’
‘I like it here. 1,320 more words



walking a tightrope.

pressing into the narrow spaces.

i’m weaving.

i’m suffocating.

off balance.

losing my breath.

teetering on the edges.

the narrow has become too narrow. 320 more words


Belief and Doubt and my Struggle with Each--Part 1

Today begins a two-part series on my struggle with belief and doubt.

I have heard that faith and belief are only possible when doubt is possible. 560 more words