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Prayerful Doubt vs. Enlightenment Doubt

Both of these men raised doubts about God’s ways. But what are the crucial distinctions in how they went about that task?


When we read the poetic books of the bible, we notice that there is something like doubt going on. 752 more words

Intellectual Life

Don't Put The Fat Suit On

I have an amazing gifted friend who used to be fat. Should I be polite and say heavy or plump but with a beautiful face? No, I will say fat because that is the label hateful jealous people use. 222 more words


Why Oh Why?

Today I was supporting a friend, while she was talking at her old school to students about owning your own company. I could not be more proud of her and her success. 428 more words


Aragorn Abandons Himself to Providence

The attack on Helm’s Deep and its fastness, The Hornburg, is relentless and eventually Saruman’s forces stand on the verge of victory and at the darkest hour Aragorn finds Théoden fretting in the prison of his fortress. 598 more words



“M’Aide, m’aide!” You cry out
“Please help me!” You call, yet doubt
Doubt and tremble; you shake and cry
Cry out to Him, yet you trust by and by… 31 more words


Letting Go

Has anybody

Asked about a down side

To the existence of God?


Through the ages those

who want more control always

seek out the down side.



It’s my desire to one day disappear
To be no longer bound to anyone
I only hurt the people who are near
Without regard to what Christ’s work has done… 82 more words