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I’ll stop saying sorry
You must know by now I am
If you’ve any doubt
Unfold the stars
Every last one
If it’s assurance you need– but that’s not you, it’s me… 36 more words


Does Your Actions Tell The World You Are a Christian?

When I was in college there was a guy at the school who made it known that he did not like Christians. Once, myself and some of my friends who were also Christians were eating lunch together.  826 more words

Christian Faith


There is little to lose

Rising above the rain

Stepping over asylums

You built for yourself

Come on up

Strange how it happens

You muster up a strong front… 49 more words


But a Reflection

I see so clearly

and am sure I know what is real; cause and effect, color and touch,

all true to form, dependable to my senses. 111 more words



I often wish that I could just forget about gender, if only for an afternoon. Unfortunately, I find that the more I get invested in my trans identity, the more I’ve become wrapped up in questions of gender, identity, expression, and perceptions. 631 more words


I'm Scared

It’s not often that this happens, but today is a day when I am scared.  More like terrified.  Most of the time I can calm myself down, but for some reason, today, I can’t.  490 more words


Infectiously Happy

“The only way to become infectiously happy, is to become infected with the love of God.”

No truer words have been said, my friend. When I started out on this journey, maybe I was a little naïve.

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