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Does Reality Exist?

We Clearly know  that everything may seem observable as what senses ought to observe it thus the object to reality partly represents itself and making it judgable using our senses or simply A priori  as what Immanuel Kant stated to his book Critique Of Pure Reason At first we are only depending to our sense called Empirically And aspects to question our senses that we should not trust our senses and know it’s limitations why don’t we try to ask ourselves Do reality exist because of sense apart us? 144 more words

Saying "Goodbye"

Over the last two years, I have had to say “goodbye” to certain people in my life. Some of them were because of personal reasons, people wanting to peace out of my life, and death. 564 more words


My letter to a pastor: from a "non conformist"

Today was weird for me. I left church not angry or anything more just kind of hurting. I’ve want to belong somewhere, i’ve wanted to be more open to “the church.” I’ve been coming here on and off for years between traveling and sometimes taking a break. 588 more words


Expressing My Doubts To Other Christians

What I’m afraid of:

What usually happens:

I must constantly remind myself of the wisdom expressed by Karl Barth:

“A man who believes believes once for all.

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Fear is a dream killer

Fear causes people to bury their talents due to fear of failure, judgement, criticism.


Doubtful Heart

It is very normal for an average person to doubt. You doubt, I doubt, we all doubt. So what’s the big deal to it?

Let’s take this as an example, you’re a wife and your husband comes home late at night from an ‘all-guys-party’ smelling like liquor and lady’s perfume. 770 more words


Do You Doubt? I Hope So.

Recently, I listened to some speakers discuss the religious nature of doubt, how everyone doubts, and how doubt really comes in only two different categories. Essentially, the speakers noted that the nature of one’s doubt stems from the nature of one’s heart, which generally takes on two main postures of pride or humility. 799 more words