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And in the end I am alone

Do you think it’s true?? That we accept the love we think we deserve.

Is this why we love the ones who treat us terrible and treat the ones who love us like crap? 78 more words

Jesus, He loves me.

What a day I have had. Full of the presence of God, though a little unexpected.
God completely interrupted my plans today. He showed up with his disruptive, playful and always caring attitude. 728 more words


We’ve been going over trust vs. mistrust, the first of Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development.

I think I have decent trust issues when it comes to friends and family, but guys? 201 more words



Even with the fact that my days are not filled with too much activity, days pass by pretty fast. There is not really a difference in days anymore, weekends or weekdays, I don’t really feel a difference. 538 more words

Stories Of The Soul

Still walking on eggshells

It’s funny how you can talk about moving forward and you can do the work individually and together as a couple … but the eggshells are still there.  190 more words

Daily Blog

Getting back into gear

So this blog is now officially 1 year old—and I haven’t done a thing to it. Figures.  But we’ll start with a pretty pic of Lake Leman (read: Switzerland) and that’ll get me going (I was gonna do a gym pic but my phone refuses to listen to me) 1,098 more words

New Start


So waking up this morning I’m trying not to have those unwanted thoughts.  You know the kind of thoughts that start coming around after something traumatic happens. 520 more words