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We are constantly developing a defence mechanism against the things that hurt us most, as simple as a manoeuvre or just by building up walls and guarding ourselves from the next attack. 185 more words


Late Night Ramblings #1

A quick scan; a searching look, into those hesitant, gleaming eyes.

A thought, a question, a whisper.

“What has stirred such fiendish thoughts in your mind?” I ask. 24 more words


Doubt is the privilege of those who live a long time.

I’m not sure if I’m wrestling with doubt or high expectations.

The worst part about that? You have to know the enemy you’re fighting in order to beat it. 393 more words


"Reconstructive Criticism"

They strip you,
These words; harsh, unsolicited.
Eat at you,
That gnawing feeling,
Meat stripped from the chicken bones,
Staring at you from
That plate called Life, 144 more words

Playlist of the Week: January 31, 2015

The Daily Post today asks us to put together a playlist of five songs that represent how our week went. While it is just the post for today, I may attempt to make this post a weekly habit because music represents such an important part of my life. 203 more words

My Head

What to Say (for Valentine's Day)

What do you say
when she asks
“How do I know you love me?”

Don’t say
“I don’t;
I only love your ass.”

Don’t say… 103 more words


Getting Started

So this has been the first week when we have officially started our trek to raise support for Germany. We’ve been laying groundwork (getting trained, communicating with our home church and employers, etc), but this week marks the beginning.  677 more words