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Study: Nearly Half Of Americans Believe Natural Disasters Are Rising Due to ‘End Times’ Not Climate Change

November 26, 2014 | ANUGRAH KUMAR

Nearly half of Americans now believe that the recent surge in natural disasters is the result of biblical “End Times” than climate change, and more than two-thirds of white evangelical Protestants hold this belief, according to a new study. 3,087 more words

My confusion at...life

I felt like I needed to write something today about my general state of confusion and the fluctuation currently in my self identity.  I cannot seem to figure out a solid direction, do I write the book I have been thinking of? 1,252 more words


My second week (week 47, 2014)

The day after publishing my first blog-post about my first week of meditation, doubts came in my mind. “Who am I to blog about this? I know nothing about Buddhism.” or “Who would want to read this stuff anyway, while there are so many nice blogs out there!” and “Why do I want to put this on the internet, is it to feed my ego?”. 347 more words


Please Enlighten Me.

Hello! Hope everyone’s doing fine cause I’ve been in quite a hectic situation. Mainly because of SCOReD 2014. Haha. Anyway, just a random post to update my blog just in case you’re bored and want some Kim news. 463 more words

Random Kimee

Beyond Ben & Jerry

Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Relationship. Love. Devotion. Marriage. Monogamy.


These words are freaking me out! I don’t want to be attached to one man (or woman) for the rest of my life. 461 more words


I want to live life. F me, right?

‘But mom, you don’t get it, I wanna live life’

After those words came out of my mouth, I could immediately see the look of disapproval in my mother’s eyes. 675 more words

Au Pair

Murdered by Trust

Trust, the secret magical bond between people. It takes a lifetime to build and a second to crumble. Yet we hold on to it so dearly, just because it is the only thing that brings people together. 272 more words