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Trying to stay Hopeful... But... I can't help wondering IF I should maybe RUN - NOT WALK - the Other Way...

I’ve only known him a very short time, but everything seemed to ” click ” so completely between us that my heart couldn’t help falling for him. 156 more words


Manon Disapproves: Self Doubt

After taking a course in the gender studies department, I have been thinking “Death By Essay” might actually be a legitimate cause of death. I am still busy writing my 5000-word essay after having submitted my 2500-word essay a mere two weeks ago. 395 more words

Manon Disapproves


like the creaks
in a jet
as it streaks down the runway


Forbidden Reverie

Times have gone when I used to count up til three
Moments pacing by, adding up to the summary
What I wish to do? What I want to be? 131 more words

Life's Like That!

Earth Shattering Faith?

I think there are times in every body’s lives that they question life, the cosmos, fate, destiny, or the Gods. It doesn’t really matter that I believe in the ‘one-true living’ God or that you believe in a series of Gods. 3,095 more words

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Teens and parents -

TEENAGERS: What can i say? They are dramatic, lazy, stupid, crazy, and what not. well, MOST of them are.

PARENTS: There’s a time when they do care about what their teen is doing, and there’s a time where they just say, ” FUCK IT! 298 more words

My journey of exploration

As a journalism third year student I sometimes feel like I am drowning in a deep pit of work and assignments. My assignments seem never ending and my tasks never fully come to an end. 554 more words