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Being Strong

He gets to leave and I stay here. Last night before I went to work my youngest asked me ” why can’t you and daddy just be together?” My heart almost broke. 160 more words


The Confusion of Having Too Many Friends

A selfish statement, one that I get reprimanded for quite often, but the truth is: I’ve led two lives since the 1st of September, 2014. 291 more words

Performance appraisal

I still remember very clearly as if it was yesterday when my class teacher announced in the class ” All of you pl keep your books and copies away , I am going to distribute the question paper ” … 370 more words

To Believe or Not?

Sometimes, if not most times, I doubt the love we share. Something right out of the pages of fairytale is what we share.

Sometimes I wonder if you are real? 134 more words

Thoughts Around

Thinking Twice

The question is why am I thinking twice?

I shouldn’t. Right?

But here I am contemplating on what to do.

Basically, this is just like the same content with my previous blog post. 441 more words

cast if doubts

be one of the victim

and be one of the atmosphere

and whom is the wicked extra

scene that allowed the colors of the beverage… 46 more words



I remember when we first met we would text for hours, about everything and anything. I know texting isn’t really romantic, but for us it was. 180 more words