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When Doubts Rush In

I was raised in the church – Sunday School (complete with pins to show I passed each year), VBS (Vacation Bible School), youth group, and church several times a week. 787 more words

Pi in the sky?

With the addition of a couple of catalysts, my vague disappointments with my Christian faith transitioned into more conscious doubts.  For the first time,  I began to more consciously question my Christian understanding of life, the Universe and everything . 903 more words

Losing Faith

This Thing We Do (Poem)

Let the stars stop shining,
Let the rain fall continuously from the clouds,
Filling the empty places in the world,
With hollow, meaningless nothing.

Being Creative


I didn’t really do anything today; I updated Stark Trek this morning, then wrote for a bit, but nothing else that was even vaguely constructive. The entire day was essentially Tumblr. 150 more words

Change for yourself

I don’t know I’m sick of hearing “new me, new attitude” because of a break up. If someone broke up with you because you weren’t good enough for them, or anything else like that. 215 more words


I do like The Stone Roses - I Wanna be Adored. Am I the problem?

I’m in a pretty good place right now. Having two of your closest friends in arm’s reach does that to a person. It’s phenomenal being able to weave simultaneously between nostalgia trips and making new memories. 632 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Waiting for Me to Wake (Poem)

These words just flow out of me for fear, doubt or shame. My thoughts race as I try to keep them clear but I can’t stop my mind from questioning and I can’t keep my heart from breaking. 468 more words