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Comfort Zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

-Neale Donald Walsch-

Walsch so concisely reminds us that “life” is waiting for us just outside the safety of our comfort zone.   55 more words

Time for a cheque up? Going to dent all my savings.

I think I have the burgeoning signs of tooth pain. Well, the signs being slight pain, so that was kind of a useless sentence. Slight pain, the tooth pain equivalent of when your throat is kind of warm and you feel like in two days you’re gonna have a brutal sore throat. 703 more words


Into the Woods: Our First Bad Day Homeschooling

Well, the Lord wasted no time at all in throwing us into the deep end!

Today was hard. And messy. And there were tears. So many tears. 526 more words

Dating Sites

Correct me if I am wrong but to me it feels as though there is a sort of stigma around dating websites.  I can’t exactly put to words what it is but I am reluctant to join a dating site as a result of this feeling I have about them. 381 more words

General Thoughts


My son gets annoyed when a car in front of us on the on-ramp of the highway comes to a complete stop instead of merging into traffic. 182 more words

Overachieving, Overreaching - Signs of Imbalance in ourselfs.

I can not just do something partially. I go at it 100% and usually set myself up for failure because if I cant get to my goals it cause me depression and thoughts of not being worth anything.  401 more words

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