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This piece is dedicated to my friend Teina, he said he wanted to look like A “Douche Bag” so I made him a typical shirtless guy in a nightclub. 16 more words


Here’s some irony for ya. 

Last night, I was upset at myself for my douchey attitude while hanging out with coworkers. Mainly because I find one of them attractive and that he likes to chuckle at me like, “Un-fucking-believable” when I say certain shit like, “Yea, I’ve made out with girls. 396 more words

Occupational Therapy

Still Grovelling After All These Years


Here I am as a doomed child in like 1969.  Love songs on the radio set me up and any spots they missed The Brady Bunch more than made up for. 334 more words


I just want to say one thing.

How are you going to harass this poor, beautiful, little girl after the death of her father, such a brilliant man that offered so much to the world in the form of creative intelligence, a men that enriched the lives and minds of millions and touched everybody.   43 more words

This Weekend (Wed-Fri)

Well holy shit. Alcoholic turned 21, so on wednesday we all went to a bar for her first legal drink, a beer that probably weighed more than she did. 396 more words

I hate Scrawny People.

I have nothing at all against fat/heavy people because I understand that depression can cause you to eat and there are glandular and medical problems that can cause people to gain weight or make it harder to lose. 502 more words