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I'm here. And I'm hip for being square.┏((= ̄(エ) ̄=))┛

I’m the new guy in town. And I’m an amnesiac. I don’t know anything past my name. But I plan to take you all on a trip through hell and back. 39 more words


Lake douche bags at their finest

An oldie but goodie. Lake girls and Douche bag guys receive bountiful volumes of karma set to…
Turn Down For What Fail – Bikini Girls Boat Crash Remix – Original #TDFWFail

Dearest Russ - You Douche Bag

I’m no longer worried I’m going to get the dreaded phone call from Susan. You will deny me until the bitter end. Also, I highly doubt the two of you went to Oz over the 4th of July weekend and got the brain she needs from the wizard to figure out you are a cheater. 268 more words

Dearest Russ

Douche of the Day: June 26

If Conoco Phillips flies your ass here from Houston and buys you a couple of beers and a ribeye for dinner, can you really bitch about a $20 bar tab you’re asked to close 4 hours and 5 beers later? 37 more words

So A Straight - Shooter Walks Into A Bar...

I was at a bar with some friends the other night and some girls approached our pool table in hopes of playing next game. They were from Ireland and we all were having a great time mingling and getting to know one another. 252 more words

San Diego