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How To Be Less Shitty

There are countless websites, therapists and self-help books to help average people like you and I, become something bigger or better than what we have settled for in our daily lives. 278 more words


Thoughts of a crazy woman?

First and foremost… I must make it clear and known that any of my thoughts are NOT plans… they are thoughts that each and every one of us has… whether it be about an ex, boss, co-worker, friend, sibling, relative, etc.   1,861 more words

Chantelle Browning

Only send photos of your junk if.........

If?….. Yes, only if…..

Because guidelines need to be put in place for some of you people out there. Because asking yourself ahead of time, “Does this person want to see my junk?” takes a lot of effort….apparently way more effort than pulling out the camera, uploading the photo, typing in an address and hitting send. 422 more words

Everything, Not Poetry

Cluelessly starting anew

Rock bottom is the solid foundation on which I built my life,
- J.K. Rowling

Starting Anew; one of the repeating things I keep hearing about relaunching, as well as growth and success, is keeping a journal.

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My heart in a paper bag





I’m my mind, all black, yet graceful

You are standing right there by my side

But the comfort of your embraces

I lost, in smoke rings, disguising my pride… 123 more words


Define: Douchebag

“I want you, but I don’t need you”

The first time,
The outline of your jaw -
Led me to think there was depth in your personality. 176 more words


Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Day 9

Day nine, feeling fine. Aside from the fact that today is actually day 10 but I forgot to post yesterday. I had all intentions to – I wrote down what I ate but then – … 387 more words