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Adventures of dating part I

I’m happy, seriously happy. I’m loving DC. My job is hard-exhausting most days but fulfilling in a masochistic abusive sort of way. I miss my family terribly but not nearly as much as I did when I was living in Texas. 977 more words


And the world keeps turning

Remember this guy from over a year ago?


Well last week i got a new email from him.

Him: “Do you mind if i ask why you didn’t respond to the message i sent you? 257 more words

Flush That Toilet

You know what i hate? 

I hate when others spit out words without thinking how much pain it’s going to inflict on others. 

Recently, I have been feeling the backlash from many of my family members, including my driving school guy- who by the way, is a complete ass.  229 more words

A Pretty Damn Big Problem

or… “What Frustrates Teachers the Most” (A Very Short Play)

Scene: A community pool at an overpriced (“luxury”) apartment complex. A large beefcakey man sits on a lounger and is looking at his phone. 143 more words

Liquid Soapbox

Opening Lines

I don’t know if it was the full moon or Mercury in retrograde (whatever that means), but the last week has brought a treasure trove of lets say “interesting” emails from guys. 718 more words

The Ice Cream Man

I hate going to bars. I don’t think that many tall, blonde haired, blue-eyed females, like myself, feel as strongly about bars as I do, but I hate them. 863 more words


10 Simple Ways To Look Like A Douche At The Gym

Regardless of the area a gym is located, you’re bound to see some people many classify as “tools” in attendance. Douchebaggery defies boundaries, although I assume the majority of these folks are based in New Jersey. 600 more words