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the hardest part

Sometimes I’m asked

“What’s the hardest part?”.

A funny question,

with a typical answer I suppose.

Here goes:


It’s not that he left.

It’s not that I’m alone. 143 more words


Gotta Place For You To Put My Bucket or Were You Born An Asshat?

Never fails; someone puts out something good (in this case phenomenal in scale) and the asshat brigade puts down their Starbucks double soy latte frothy or whatever it is the “trying too hard to be cool” crowd is drinking these days and start opening their mouths.. 492 more words

Observations And Whatnot

Tuesdays With Mary: Never Trust a Know It All

Never, ever, ever trust a know it all in the gym… or anywhere for that matter.  The gym is rife with douchebaggery on a daily basis but no douche is worse than a know it all douche.   477 more words

Ready, Set, Speed Date!

While I’m on my new city dating spree, I decided to try speed dating! Rather than waste time talking to someone for weeks only to meet and find no chemistry, why not have 12 dates in one night?  608 more words


The Fairy Tale Lie

We all love fairy tales, we all grew up seeing a thousand stories, cartoons, movies and shows where people meet and fall in love and live happily ever after. 267 more words

Adventures of dating part I

I’m happy, seriously happy. I’m loving DC. My job is hard-exhausting most days but fulfilling in a masochistic abusive sort of way. I miss my family terribly but not nearly as much as I did when I was living in Texas. 977 more words


And the world keeps turning

Remember this guy from over a year ago?


Well last week i got a new email from him.

Him: “Do you mind if i ask why you didn’t respond to the message i sent you? 257 more words