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No integrity

Job # 2 (a.k.a, the part time job) and I are not going to part ways on good terms. Well, at least I won’t part ways with one person in particular. 859 more words


January 5th, 2015

Weather: Cloudy, snowy, 10 degrees  F

Life Tip: Stop drinking bottled water and just filter tap water.

Up to chapter sixteen in 1 Nephi of the Book of Mormon. 160 more words


The Shooting Gallery of Patience

I used to do a lot of things which disappointed myself when I reflected back on them later – peeing in public parks, eating an entire bag of Oreos in one sitting, watching Pearl Harbor in its entirety (twice)… 543 more words



Well, well, well…What do we have here?  Another fashion blog?  Oh great (insert roll of the eyes), I can’t wait to see and hear all about the fashion woes and trends for the “average”, size 2, supermodel.   768 more words



Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me.

Let’s talk about the thing that no one ever wants to actually talk about, but everyones A-Okay with doing it. 1,024 more words