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The "Frat-rat Douche Lord"

So, last night my friends and I were out playing man hunt from around 1am till 3am on the college campus. While playing, we kept seeing these piss drunk girl stumbling, falling, being carried by other guys, and walking around with barely any clothes on. 889 more words

What Happened Today

the hardest part

Sometimes I’m asked

“What’s the hardest part?”.

A funny question,

with a typical answer I suppose.

Here goes:

It’s not that he left.

It’s not that I’m alone. 145 more words


Gotta Place For You To Put My Bucket or Were You Born An Asshat?

Never fails; someone puts out something good (in this case phenomenal in scale) and the asshat brigade puts down their Starbucks double soy latte frothy or whatever it is the “trying too hard to be cool” crowd is drinking these days and start opening their mouths.. 492 more words

Observations And Whatnot

Tuesdays With Mary: Never Trust a Know It All

Never, ever, ever trust a know it all in the gym… or anywhere for that matter.  The gym is rife with douchebaggery on a daily basis but no douche is worse than a know it all douche.   477 more words