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Now you too, my Fellow Fuckers, can be in the spotlight (or more appropriately the douche bags and divas of the world can). 42 more words


Mr. Solicitor

Hello my Fellow Fuckers. Cross posted another douche-bag on the wall of shame today at the Douche Bag and Diva Chronicles.

The Word FUCK

Mr. Solicitor

Today’s douchebag entry comes from another acquaintance, Not Interested (NI for short) in TX. It’s a multi-part message and a bit… how shall I say this… unusual and I’m calling today’s douche-bag Mr. 898 more words


Granny Trucker, the Haters and the Trolls

Some days all you can do is shake your head and wonder?

Rules to Live By

As the weather begins to hover above 70° and the sweet sound of hardballs smacking into worn leather can be heard in every small town across this great land each afternoon, it is time once again for me to remind you all about the rules and etiquette of warm weather living. 577 more words

The Five Guys You Will Date in College

Disclaimer: Every example is purely fictitious and any resemblance to actual events or persons is entirely coincidental. I would never publicly poke fun at my friends, enemies, or exes. 829 more words


Plus I have a type but you don't fit it

Ok, this is a sensitive subject…..types, not fitting someone’s type, only dating your type, ect.  It’s hard not to “fit” someone’s type.  And it hurts even worse when the person tells you that they aren’t their type.  390 more words