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Trying Something New

I am going to try something new this summer, starting from when I finish my exams. I ordered a book off of Amazon through a recommendation, and I thought that I would blog about my progress reading the book. 294 more words


What is Happening on April 28?

The normally quiet and otherwise innocuous twitter accounts of @EricHusch and @JenTheUndergrad erupted this past week with a conversation indicating the Eric received more money from SERIN and a single round-trip ticket to NYC for next Monday, April 28. 245 more words


The Emersion of S.

The letter we now know as S in the West has its origins in the Hebrew letter Shin

The word SHIN in Hebrew means, literally, “teeth.” This brings to mind one who… 577 more words


The Mulholland S. Book Club Kit Arrived!

I’m just going to put all the items up on this page. I will not provide any commentary. (I will use this page though later to record any observations or research on these items). 149 more words

Just Blogging

Hubris, Punishment, Forbidden Knowledge - Linking Myths and Current ARG

The Captain once said linking books. A long time ago…

The Straka books are now linking. The myths link. Across time. Across countries. Intersecting… 2,276 more words

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Love Letter to the Written Word - Who is Straka?



Conceived by the popular J.J. Abrams.

Written by the talented Doug Dorst.

Brought to fruition by Mulholland Books.

So I finally have the time to patiently and collectedly read this work. 338 more words

The Reader

Mulholland Book Club Kit - a Clue? (that postcard)

Mulholland Books tweeted an offer to a book club kit for S. readers:

We’ve made a reading group kit for book clubs who are discussing S.

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