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The Mulholland S. Book Club Kit Arrived!

I’m just going to put all the items up on this page. I will not provide any commentary. (I will use this page though later to record any observations or research on these items). 148 more words

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Hubris, Punishment, Forbidden Knowledge - Linking Myths and Current ARG

The Captain once said linking books. A long time ago…

The Straka books are now linking. The myths link. Across time. Across countries. Intersecting… 2,276 more words

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Love Letter to the Written Word - Who is Straka?



Conceived by the popular J.J. Abrams.

Written by the talented Doug Dorst.

Brought to fruition by Mulholland Books.

So I finally have the time to patiently and collectedly read this work. 338 more words

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Mulholland Book Club Kit - a Clue? (that postcard)

Mulholland Books tweeted an offer to a book club kit for S. readers:

We’ve made a reading group kit for book clubs who are discussing S.

1,589 more words
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The Ghosts in the Machine (where fiction and reality collide)

As always, I give you the option to jump ship. I never want to drag anyone on a journey when they may not want to come along. 58 more words

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I heard there was a secret chord... (About Doug Dorst's chord)

Doug Dorst ‏@dougdorst  1h


On April 9th, Doug Dorst would tweet a picture. I know he plays the guitar. I saw a picture of him once holding a travel guitar. 2,135 more words

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