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Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza is incredible. You can put as much cheese on as you want (I usually have to add cheese to oven or takeaway pizza). You can put ham on half and chicken on… 345 more words


Basic Pasta Dough

Flour and eggs is all you need to make fresh pasta.

It’s so simple and cheap to make and has a significant flavour and texture difference from store bought pasta. 535 more words


Who Can Resist Pie?

Here’s another LevelUp for you… Keep frozen dough on hand! I love to cook but sometimes DireMole and I can’t eat all the left overs before they spoil. 637 more words



We were walking around Smorgasburg at Brooklyn Bridge Park, and came across this doughnut stand. With a variety of yeast doughnuts with amazing toppings, the hibiscus one caught our eye due to its bright magenta-red icing… and it did not disappoint.  222 more words


Cha moang (ชอ่มว่ง) - Thai appetizer

This is quite an unique appetizer! It has some lovely and completely natural colors and the shape looks just like a flower. I first encountered this in a pretty fancy restaurant in Bangkok, this is not streetfood! 408 more words


VIDEO: You'll Be Strangely Fascinated By How Ramen Noodles Are Made

Sometimes it’s cool to see how some things are made, isn’t it?

I found this video detailing how ramen noodles are made and now I have a new respect for Top Ramen! 53 more words


Cheddar Biscuits with Cayenne, brushed with Garlic Parsley Butter Review

Hi my loves ! A few days ago I was daydreaming about Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits !! As per usual, I rushed to my laptop and looked for Red Lobster top secret recipes !! 268 more words