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Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

If you live long enough you begin to wonder if you ever get the full story. The forces trying to hide the truth all too frequently are at least as strong as those trying to bring it to light. 540 more words

The Literary Life

Saying Goodbye To The 1951 Congress

In the world of public speaking, there is a vast assortment of speeches to read and hear for examples on how to be a good public speaker, which the professional man ought to be practicing. 402 more words

Random Manly Stuff

#When Is a #War #Over ?

WARS always hurry their participants, as the Roman poet Horace once wrote of the epics that recount them, “into the middle of things, as if they were already known.” Wars plunge us violently and deeply into other people’s histories, myths and legends. 2,203 more words


Post War Tokyo

I’m currently studying ‘Visualizing Postwar Tokyo‘, a short course offered by the University of Tokyo. I am sharing my midterm essay with you below. 471 more words


Quote of the Day

Rules are mostly made to be broken and are too often for the lazy to hide behind.

—Douglas MacArthur



Some things are worth waiting for.  And, a day spent on Corregidor is certainly one of them.  Once there, you find yourself surrounded by the echoes of heavy guns and desperate history.  1,612 more words

You are remembered for the rules you break. – Douglas MacArthur