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Changes to the Pregnant Body

In my recent studies I have come across some very basic academic material that I feel is highly stimulating!

As you can see, a bun in the oven changes a mama’s insides a bit; The lungs, stomach, and bladder being the most affected by baby’s forming in the uterus. 283 more words

My Footling Home Birth Story

Only 3% of births are breech, and of those 3% only 3% of them are footling breech… where the baby comes out feet first rather than bottom first. 1,739 more words


Another Reason NOT to fear Homebirth

I have attended a few homebirths lately, And i am continuously awed by the peacefulness, respect and trust that is flowing through the space. I just cant stop talking about it… even around those who i know may think its dangerous, etc. 49 more words

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Postpartum Doula Support.

As a postpartum doula I truly believe that having support after the birth is just as important as having support during your birth process!

Here are a few ways a doula can help you and your family in this transitional time.  217 more words


Beating Heat During Pregnancy

For all those summer pregnancies out there, are you ready for fall?  Come on cool weather!  I want to feel cold breezes wiping through fall foliage.   111 more words


Don't Eat The Placenta In The Fridge

“I’m sorry, what now?” My ex-husband often looks confused when I say things to him that made perfect sense in my head. “Don’t eat the placenta in the fridge.” 2,220 more words

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Doulas Could Help Lower Insurance Premiums??

“The authors argue that covering doula care as a health insurance benefit could have clear, system-wide financial benefits. C-sections cost more than vaginal births — roughly $28,000 and $18,000, respectively, for commercial payers, according to estimates cited in the study. 68 more words