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3 Ways a Doula Can Help You Have An Awesome Birth Experience

 A doula is an incredible asset to any birth experience. She can make your birth experience positive and empowering. Whatever your birth choices are, add a doula and you will not regret it! 268 more words

Weekend Wrap-Up; Morning Ritual

This post is two days overdue, but I’ve been having some computer (and motivational) issues. I’m not looking forward to the possibility of buying a new computer, but I will take it as it comes! 247 more words


Day 10: 21 Days of Gratitude

Ughhh. Yesterday was a doosy. So, I failed on the gratitude front.

I didn’t take a picture- but I was and am so so SO grateful for our night doula. 47 more words

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7 Days to Go!

Is it just me or does counting the days and weeks make the time pass that much slower?  This past week has been a blur of anxiety.   597 more words

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What to reject when you're expecting...

Check out this consumer report about unnecessary procedures during pregnancy: what to reject when expecting

Food and drink during labor

Many hospitals still withhold food and drink from laboring women. The reasoning is for fear of aspiration if the woman is put under general anesthesia.  Research shows that general anesthesia is rarely used today during labor.  377 more words


How I came to be Crunchy

If you grew up anything like I did, crunchy was the way we like our Doritos…nothing more. I had no idea what the hell being “Crunchy” was until I was well into my pregnancy. 543 more words