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Birth of Baby T - Erin's First Experience

My very first birth as a doula. As mama’s due date came and went I knew my first experience as a doula as drawing more and more near, that sweet babe couldn’t stay in there forever after all. 1,914 more words


Tips for breastfeeding after a Cesarean delivery

  1. Have a calm and quiet place you can go to when breastfeeding, especially in the beginning while your baby is forming his or her feeding pattern and habits.
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What Does Continuous Labor Support Look Like?

One of the valuable components of doula care is “continuous labor support”. Let’s briefly discuss what that may entail.

Most births average 15 hours of labor. 852 more words


What I can do for you: Photography

As your doula I can also take photo’s of that once in (your baby’s) lifetime moment of birth.    Or maybe you would like some special photo’s of the little ones once they’ve acclimatised to being in their own skin.  7 more words


The story of Keira Sage's birth: A natural, unmedicated, first-time mother's story.

Disclaimer: I believe that it is every mother’s right to choose what is best for her labor and delivery.  I also realize that every individual circumstance is uniquely different. 2,088 more words


Why Use A Doula? What the Clients Say...

Don’t take our word for it!! Here’s 3 recent client comments:


What our clients say about us… (We LOVE our clients!) 

“I never knew having a doula would be so FUN! 393 more words


Placenta Encapsulation? Why??

Benefits of ingesting your encapsulated placenta include:

  • Replenishing your iron.
  • Increasing your energy.
  • Lessening postnatal bleeding.
  • Increasing milk production.
  • Balancing your hormones.
  • Helping uterus return to the pre-pregnancy state quicker.
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