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The post in which I welcome my dear readers

Thank you for visiting my blog, where I hope to empower, inspire, nurture, and educate all who are interested in the miracle of birth! As I am new to the doula world, this “newla” can’t wait to answer questions, explore topics, and share stories that will help us all to get a more holistic perspective of this sacred phenomenon. 26 more words


Visiting Salvation: Born At Home, Elliot's Story

Visiting Salvation is your story.

Today’s post is from Vanessa, mother to Emerson and Elliot and fellow Madison Home Birther.  Please enjoy her son’s long overdue birth story, who himself was long overdue.   1,447 more words

Positive Birth

Last year a colleague of mine approached me about some films she was going to make on behalf of the Positive Birth Movement. She asked if I’d be happy to chat on camera about the PBM group that I run in Tonbridge, Kent. 108 more words

An Eventful and Fast Birth

B’s Birth Story


What an eventful birth.


Your mommy had kept in communication with me throughout the day letting me know she was having light and sporadic contractions. 2,134 more words


You Are What You Eat!

Another nice unplugged weekend for the most part. The weather here in Denver is beautiful! As a Wisconsinite (I still consider myself  one), this weather is nothing short of amazing. 324 more words


Labor: A Birth Story, Pt. 1

November 16th came and went. I walked and I waited. And I walked some more, wearing my double breasted winter jacket with the top snap fastened and the rest flapping open to accommodate my ripened belly. 2,305 more words


What is a doula, exactly?

“You’re a midwife, right?”  “Oh, so you’re a doctor”.    No, and no way. Those are both common answers when I mention to people what I do as a career. 462 more words