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Life On Call As A Doula

Life happens when I am on call.

My pets need to go to the vet, I hold childbirth classes, my daughter has a teenage heartbreak. There are days I want to head to the pool or an amusement park but I wonder if someone will call me as I take the tram into Dollywood. 650 more words


How To Wait - A "Helpful" Guide from an Impatient Person

Whether you are being cared for by an OB or a Midwife, at some point during your pregnancy you will be told your due date.  This magical date will be noted in a chart of sorts, and some care providers take that date more seriously than others.   892 more words


Do-lah, What? Being and Becoming a Doula

Doula. Usually a woman, with or without children, serving women during pregnancy, during labor, and/or after birth. Badu says,

 A doula is an empty vessel fulfilled by a mother’s needs.

300 more words

The birth of Hank (quick hospital birth with midwives)

Erin shares the birth story of her son Henry (Hank). Thanks for sharing, Erin!

On Saturday, September 14th (12 days before my due date), I woke up with really bad hip pain. 838 more words


The birth of Finn (hospital birth with family doc attending)

Below is the story of my first birth. It was fairly long (23 hours from start to finish) but only about 12 hours of active labor. 1,777 more words


El Parto Respetado/ Respected Birth

Last month we were also able to start and support a Respecting Birth Campaign in the public hospital of La Ceiba: the influence  of the enviroment during childbirth, avoid episitomies, stop kristeller (fundul pressure) and YES to protect the perineum! 65 more words

Give Birth

Thanks to Emily and Christianna!

Out of my heart a big thanks to you Christianna and Emliy! You came both at the same time! You did an amazing job!  It has been amazing to have you here! 116 more words

Women Rights