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Free To Serve

If you could be free from all external forces of control and manipulation and coercion and pressure, what would you do?  If ‘the man’ had no power over you from the outside and no vice had control of you from the inside, what would you do with your freedom?  352 more words

Marc Kinna

A Week in Waswanipi

Earlier in July, I traveled two and a half hours south of Mistissini to another Cree reserve called Waswanipi to run children’s and youth programming for a week. 120 more words

Three Weeks in Mistissini

Sonrise Camp is located just outside of the Cree community of Mistissini, on a lake by the same name that stretches 2335 km. Lake Mistissini is the largest lake in Quebec. 943 more words

THE GOSPEL: Part 3 - DOULOS - δοῦλος

So this was something I came across the other day before church – a sermon I had heard my pastor in Trinidad preach on a long time ago came back to mind and I decided to do some quick reading on it (Also because I wanted to tease our Young Adults Pastor about his earrings… haha.) – and it ended up just blowing my mind again! 2,754 more words

Theology & Doctrine

Student Stories in the Summer: Part 3

Its July, and I really miss all my middle school friends.  I know, it sounds silly… but those crazies make my life not only interesting, but also challenging. 339 more words

Dominican Republic

Mike - Old Hat: Identity Crisis

Hey all. I’m in the process of moving some old posts from a previous desk space to OA. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting different articles I’ve written from the past here as part of a series called “Old Hat.” I enjoyed writing them, so I hope you enjoy reading them! 636 more words