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Visual Communication Importance

I noticed one thing during my trip to DSM, all of the garments were placed in a specific way. It isn’t laid out like usual shops or boutiques, they had themes running throughout every floor. 101 more words

More Patterns!

There were a lot of patterns in the garments at Dover St, but here is a selection of the ones I really like. 64 more words

Shapes, Patterns and Pockets

Here I have photographed some very interesting constructions of the garments, it blew my mind how some of these were made! 50 more words

Attempted Garment Shoot

As many of us would already know, high end shops will not allow photography. I tried to take the best possible pictures as I can of the garments and if I could I would have photographed them all. 103 more words

Thoughts about Dover Street Market

Observing the area of Dover Street Market, it made me feel so little walking through the big, posh buildings, seeing men in suits and women in high heels it definitely has that ‘high end’ feel to it. 162 more words

Dover Street Market Trip

Here I am, at Dover Street Market. First time I’ve ever visited and my overall thought was, “I really like this place…. but I’m broke so never mind!” Definitely a good place for inspiration, forget about the price and feed your eyes with new inspiration, fabrics and shapes. 153 more words

A day in Dover Street

Wandering around in the luxury that Dover street has to offer does give you a few ideas on how you’d like you future lifestyle to be… Two┬áRolls Royce, five Bentleys and too-much-to-count Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar rolling down the street; tidy men in black suits carrying discrete shopping bags; business woman clinging on their phones… all contribute to the atmosphere of exclusivity that lingers over the area. 157 more words

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