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Saturday 1-31-2015 Down the rabbit hole

Just like Alice, following the white rabbit down the hole to Wonderland, it’s easy to get lost in the information presented every day on the internet.   600 more words


Still Not Drowning

They say that you are only afraid of losing something when you know what you have to lose. I assume this is true because right now I am afraid. 990 more words

Down The Rabbit Hole

Fantasy MLitt at the University of Glasgow

Things have come a long way since I did my MLitt in 20*mumble mumble*. Even though I did a course that was considered quite different at the time, it was in a very established academic subject area. 178 more words

Down The Rabbit Hole

MedHum Monday Presents: The Power of Story

The language of logical arguments, of proofs, is the language of the limited self we know and can manipulate. But the language of parable and poetry, of storytelling, moves from the imprisoned language of the provable into the freed language of what I must, for lack of another word, continue to call faith. 601 more words

The Daily Dose

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Fantastic post from Brandy on Medical Humanities (Med Hum), Gothic science: Dread & Discovery and the power of story.

Does Depression Count As Leave From Mixed-Episode World?

I know I haven’t been a good little blogger and posted at least one thing everyday. However, Bipolar depression has come up behind me and bitten me on the butt. 397 more words


Reptilians... Really?

My aunt and uncle taught me how to be a legitimate film buff when I was thirteen. The process began months in advance with previews of the epic, visually stunning, sure to be classic, … 564 more words


Down the Rabbit Hole

So here I am, taking the WordPress Blogging 101: Zero to Hero course and spending my time tweaking my blog’s design, which can take me down the rabbit hole. 114 more words

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