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System Down


Natalie and Rambo had been up most of the night debugging Savage’s system. “How long have you known Savage?” Rambo wiped sweat trickling temple to cheek. 97 more words

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Down Time?

New York City in a few days; do I ever get a chance to just relax at home? I love travelling, I love going places, I love new experiences; but I miss my home. 162 more words

Bargaining With My To-Do List

I had another weekend filled with bargaining. No, I didn’t attend an estate sale, nor was I on a negotiating team. I bargain with my to-do list. 493 more words

Needed: Time

I never have enough of it, it seems, and yet, I still manage to carve a little out for myself. Last night the First Reader and I did something together we’d never done before: we watched a movie. 355 more words


Down Time

Switching internet providers can be a hassle, right? Yes, yes it can.

And that’s what I’m doing. This post is to inform you all that I won’t have internet for about 2 weeks. 85 more words


Top of Yosemite Falls

“Some days you win and some days you get your soul pureed and served to you in a melancholy milkshake.” – unknown

Then you drive fast up winding mountains roads, hike until endorphins kick in and the world isn’t such a horrible place. 10 more words