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Why "Made in India"??

On the day before Diwali, I was in a shop in the market. To me the shopkeeper and his wife looked too tired probably due to work load. 236 more words

Quick parenting question, how can I get my baby to stop shitting so much? I saw online to hold her upside down and shake her violently but now she won’t stop crying. Please advise!

Down For Your Winter Jacket

We just got some new jackets in for winter! For the most amount of warmth with the least amount of excessive weight and bulk duck-down is best. 90 more words

Will Interest Rates Go Up Or Down? The 3 Biggest Indicators

http://loanlove.com/get-a-quote/ If you’ve been watching ANY financial news at all, you’ve probably noticed interest rates are climbing like crazzzzzy lately…

Chapter One Adventure in Darkness summary

It all starts from where Tommy is narrating about the steps he hears from the fat man, as he calls him, walking down the hallway of a boardining school,  He  mentions that he wants to escape from his prison as he calls it. 181 more words


50 Things To Do When You're Feeling Down.

Even though a lot of us love autumn, we all cope with some unhappy days because of the drooly weather. I totally live up when the sun comes out, so when it hasn’t been around for a few days, I might get a little moody. 955 more words