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been down

could it ever make the sense

to pick up the pieces

and where your tears

broke the chain of ice

and dried up

the scent… 48 more words


WhatsApp temporarily down, causing issues on windows phone on installing.

Emily (WhatsApp Support)

Dec 18 15:23


Thanks for your message.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
We were experiencing a temporary outage. Our service is now restored.

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Windows Phone

Pong Game



In this post I created a pong game that includes someone hitting the ball and it going to the other side. Simple pong. Next I will create a reflection of Obama’s video.


Will You Let Me In?

If you build walls

That are meant to stay

I’ll knock for a while

Then walk away…

You Can Rise

So hard seeing you suffer-

You try so hard to win.

You give so much to others,

But you are broken;

Nothing is working.

It’s not your fault; 46 more words