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The Pirate Bay gears up for February 1 rebirth

Fans of the the torrent site were pleased last week to see the return of The Pirate Bay homepage, albeit in a non-functioning form. A countdown clock at the top of the page indicated the popular file-sharing service would return on February 1, and on Monday a slightly redesigned version of the page was put up that now includes a prominent image of a phoenix. 35 more words

Streaming Policy & Ethics

Will CDs be blown out in a TIDAL wave?

In 1999 I ripped my CD collection to “CD quality (!)” 128kps MP3. There was no option for storage, then, so I copied the files, laboriously, to CD-R – and subsequently, in 2001, to a 100GB hard drive. 966 more words

Digital Music

“It’s mostly about the download.”

With so much access to free and illegal music, Henry Rollins has been on a one-man crusade to prevent musician’s rights being misused. The debate regarding intellectual property is ongoing. 534 more words


Reading for fun. Funning for read. Words.

I’ve always been a strong reader; very fast and always running out of material. I admit to downloading books maybe a little bit illegally because I cannot afford to buy books at the rate that I read them. 227 more words

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The little-known secret of incremental synchronization: What to do, if your organization creates hundreds of records each day

Synchronization filters are usually the tools of choice to limit the amount of records pulled down to a mobile device during synchronization.

While they work perfectly during the full synchronization, there are some scenarios where they might not work as expected during incremental sync. 560 more words

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