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Buttons to Recall Hales and Novick

This is an effort to clean up our government by recalling Charlie Hales and Steve Novick for their mismanagement of our city’s finances. This will happen when citizens rise up and communicate with each other. 70 more words


SFR 295: The Philosophy of Pseudoscience

–Police indicate that self-proclaimed UFO contactee Stan Romanek faked assault against himself in wake of child pornography charges.
–New Age nutter JZ Knight, famous for “channeling” 35,000 year old warrior spirit Ramtha, is suing her ex-students for leaking video of her drunken racist, anti-gay rant. 137 more words


Welcome to Yamanu's Home Page!

Welcome to Yamanu Game Engine’s home page, and thank you for stopping by! This is the best I can do for free right now. This is where all of the downloads and info for Yamanu will be. 8 more words


Episode 13 - 140727 - Achieve the goal Sunday

Title: Achieve the goal Sunday
Hong Soo Hyun

Summary:  Exo Baekhyun visits the house. Ga Yeon prepares for her match. Soo Hyun practice her singing and Se Ho starts training. 36 more words


typin' - Single Page Portfolio Template

Here’s a small gift for you all. typin’, a single page portfolio template. It’s light and easy to use. Give it a try.

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