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Morality...and other imperatives

The eminent atheist and pompous ass, Professor Richard Dawkins, recently claimed “it’s immoral to allow unborn babies with Down’s syndrome to live”. “Parents have an “ethical responsibility” to “abort it”. 146 more words

The Culture

Apparently I Need Christianity

Yesterday, I received this tweet from a pastor by the name of Steve Woodworth, in response to my criticism of his statement aimed at Richard Dawkins. 354 more words


Richard Dawkins: A Gift From God.

Are all human lives valuable for what they are? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

Richard Dawkins is well-known today as a leading contemporary spokesman for atheism. 2,543 more words


Can Richard Dawkins' tweet regarding Down's Syndrome and abortion be defended?

Richard Dawkins caused a storm on twitter yesterday by replying to a pregnant woman who stated she would not know what to do if she had a child born with Down’s Syndrome. 173 more words

The Richard Dawkins malarkey

This week there was quite a fuss around some Richard Dawkins tweets. As part of the DS community I certainly took an interest and spent far too long torturing myself with what was said and how people responded. 303 more words


A Bit on Richard Dawkins and Sarah Palin Clashing In Social Media Concerning Down's Syndrome

Richard Dawkins, the acclaimed atheist ethologist from Oxford University stirred up a cyclone of controversy on social media with a Twitter posting on the morality of aborting a Down’s Syndrome child in-utero. ¬† 299 more words