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Basketball and Hockey Players Giving Some Love

An NBA athlete giving his warm-ups to a child with special needs:

This little boy meeting his hockey hero:


From Here To Obesity ....... 44 Fat and Fed Up

’44 fat and fed up’ will be the inscription on my headstone if something doesn’t change.

I’ve always been big I guess. My earliest memory of my weight being an issue was when the school nurse had my mum take me to a dietician at Dudley Road Hospital when I was 8 or 9. 1,390 more words

The beautiful little lady

A more cheerful post, just some snaps of Audrey to remind me how lucky I am to be her mummy…


All well so far...

Most women start to tell people they are pregnant as soon as the 12 week scan has been done and the ok given. But for compulsive worriers like myself, this scan does not signal the end of all doubts that there is nothing wrong with the little baby growing inside me. 323 more words

Down's Syndrome

I have a nephew named Kaden who is a Down’s Syndrome child. So, I did some research and this is what I came across.

Testing can be done while the baby is in the womb to explore the diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome. 118 more words


If I had a daughter with Down’s Syndrome, I think I’d name her Peaches.  It just feels right.  All her life she’d be sweet and unspoiled, and her round little face with its cheery smile would bring to mind sun-drenched orchards, thick with fruit.   506 more words

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