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Why I kept my baby after finding out he

Why I kept my baby after finding out he had Down syndrome http://ow.ly/ARSlf #prolife #downs #downssyndrome #baby #love #genetictest

My Oma was born in a little village near the town of Hadamar.

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Health Supervision for Children With Downs Syndrome

Health Supervision for Children With Down Syndrome http://ow.ly/ARp1f #downsyndrome #health #diagnosis #downs #medical #support

  1. Marilyn J. Bull, MD,
  2. the Committee on Genetics

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The need to educate

There is a constant fight in me. The feeling of needing to educate people when I hear them speak different of what I know about Down syndrome. 557 more words

Down Syndrome


Lately there have been a number of posts (one is on Freshly Pressed) criticizing Richard Dawkins for expressing his opinion regarding knowingly bearing a child with Down’s Syndrome. 1,237 more words


Stoning children to death and genocide is OK, but aborting a foetus? What are you crazy?

I am well aware this topic has been discussed at length but there are a few points to this issue I have yet to read, which I would like to put across. 922 more words

The decision that follows "What if"

Yes, the ultrasound and seeing that tiny being in my belly doing disco moves incessantly, being astonished by how magically the human body, or any living creature’s body functions was groundbreaking and eye opening for me. 440 more words