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Saturday 18th

I went to another study day today. The topic was dealing with Down’s Syndrome and how to discuss either a high chance or a full diagnosis with parents. 837 more words

Mental Health on Film #2: Twisted Nerve (1968)

This blog post contains spoilers.

Forty-six years after its release, it’s difficult to know quite what to make of Twisted Nerve, a British thriller from 1968 that stars Hywel Bennett and Hayley Mills.  823 more words


Weekends can be odd.

This weekend has been one of mixed emotions. Scotland won the annual Shinty/Hurling match against Ireland – something I was ecstatic to watch, especially since we won 23-14. 777 more words

Spread a message with more ups than downs..?

Hayley from Downs Side Up shared this article on Facebook;


It’s a piece by David M Perry and it’s about raising awareness of Down’s Syndrome through cute pictures and how that does little to dispel the “they’re such happy people” myth and also fails to help raise awareness of some of the real challenges people with DS face. 574 more words

Down's Syndrome

We Are All People

most of what I post in madhatter is shite – a tongue in cheek response to what is happening in the world

occasionally, though, something – abuse of women, children, or disabled – really gets my goat and I want to rant


Breastfeeding a 1 year old and I'm not going to stop!

Dear people passing comment in how I feed my child!

I firstly want to say how “happy” I am that you decided to express yourself and tell me your opinions and thoughts in me breastfeeding my child! 541 more words