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Slow Motion Implosion

I really don’t like to complain.  However, I catch myself doing it more and more.  For that I apologize, if you are suffering reading about it.   367 more words


Too Much Media

I used to have an enormous collection of DVDs. From Toy Story to Rosemary’s baby, they lined two entire walls, reaching over halfway up to the ceiling. 165 more words

Working for Change, Why Change

So this is exactly it, we all know that changes are everywhere, literally all around us, however many of us wonder why change? I’m personally wondering this with the bus project that is coming up in my life. 1,096 more words


Minimalism, Continued

Saturday, I summoned some inner motivation and jumped back on the Minimalist bandwagon and went through some remaining kitchen cabinets, the freezers, and medicine cabinet. Despite all my intentions to be all naturally healthy and shit, I have a tendency to purchase vitamins and herbal supplements only to let them sit in the medicine cabinet and expire. 257 more words

Rumours: Ford downsizing its full-size line - what does it mean for Lincoln?

We have reported before on the uncertainty surrounding the platform that will be used by the next generation of full-size car from the Ford Motor Company: will the new Taurus and MKS keep the same underpinnings? 426 more words


Why I Moved

Some people have asked me why I “all of a sudden” moved from Maryland to Texas.  I can see why people wonder, especially those close to me.   1,645 more words


Another Side of Adventure (Kaye)

Milepost 3-21-14   Fillmore, California

(Kaye writes)

Adventure, huh?

If you have read Bob’s latest blog post about risk and adventure… AND if you know me very well, you may be wondering how I feel about all that. 729 more words

Life On The Road