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Just do it!

So I’ve gone back and forth in my head so many times it’s hard to keep track anymore.  Where do I begin?  Do I tell a quick synopsis of my past?  555 more words


Tearing Down and Building Up

Since we have decided to stay in the pole barn for awhile rather than build we are making the pole barn a little more comfortable and functional. 561 more words


Help me! Miss you...

I have given the best of myself to you.  I have provided an unbreakable strong foundation rooted in love, learning, compassion and independence.  I have set standards not expectations that you have met and are exceeding beyond belief.  335 more words

Upgrading or just Upsizing

We live in a a very “Keeping up with the Jones’s” type of society. People waiting in line for hours for the newest iPhone and beating each other up over Black Friday sales. 579 more words

6 Yard Sale Essentials for Success

You’ve already done the hard part of sorting through your stuff figuring out what you no longer want.  Now, it’s time to cash in.  You only need a few essential items to turn those unwanted items into cold hard cash. 577 more words


Money doesn't make you happy...does it?

Warning: Ramblings Ahead.

I’m getting better with money, but I can safely say that I probably don’t save it like I should be. I tend to indulge in things, mostly food, that are unnecessary.  424 more words



A new way of living?

I’m always interested in new ways of thinking about and doing things.

Lately I’ve been reading about minimalism and not in the art or design sense, but in terms of a lifestyle choice. 221 more words