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Downsizing Christmas

Just as I am downsizing my job, so am I in the mood to downsize Christmas. I just feel like it is time to reduce stress, and taking Christmas expectations down a notch feels like it would help. 207 more words

How I Spent My Day

10 Reasons To Move Down

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a downsizing retiree – there is a definite trend toward people buying and building smaller homes. It’s a fact, houses are getting smaller. 41 more words

"A Tiny Christmas Story" or "How the Hell do you have a Christmas tree in There?"!!!

We love the Holiday Season and love to dress up our tiny, but it can be a challenge. The first year we lived here, we wanted to put up our silver, sparse, vintage, aluminum tree complete with decorative color wheel ~ So we did. 613 more words

Small House

Watch your restaurant budget in vacation areas

As part of our move we got serious with the Dave Ramsey budget.  It has helped us tremendously with making our money decisions during this change in our lifestyle.   256 more words

Debt Free

If you build it

While making this slideshow I realized we purchased the 8×22′ trailer that our house sits on February 25, 2014.   July 16, 2014 was the day we pulled it from Eugene to Portland where we now live.   800 more words

Tiny House

Tiny living

big window, books, side table, lamp, cat – yes, please!

White Kitchen

journey 2.1 - my ghetto apartment

I love to entertain, but definitely do not have any plans to do so in my current apartment.  It is embarrassingly ghetto, and I don’t know that I want people I know to know I live in such a shitty place. 2,044 more words

Journey 2