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The Downside of Downsizing

Yesterday I talked about why we decided to downsize and while we felt good about our decision, it was really tough to actually do it.  We had to get rid of about half of our stuff.   476 more words


How Many Jobs Does it Take to be a Freelancer?

It’s pretty clear now that the old way of working that our parents knew so well doesn’t work anymore. This won’t come as a surprise to freelancers like me who have forsaken the 9 to 5 for independent employment and our own particular brand of entrepreneurship. 638 more words


My Journey to Minimalism

I follow a blog called The Minimalists, which has inspired me to want to live a simpler life. In general I try to be frugal, because having too much stuff overwhelms me, especially when that stuff accumulates into a disorganized mess. 171 more words


Why We Decided to Downsize and Second Thoughts

As I mentioned in the last post, one factor that helped us decided to downsize was that we could pay off our house.

We had been using the captain’s bonuses to pay down our smaller home which we had been renting out for the past seven years.   526 more words


Why We Decided to Downsize

We are not at the stage of our lives where people typically downsize. Our kids have not left the nest. We don’t have time for golf.   523 more words


8 reasons to love living in a smaller home

When the idea to move into a smaller space initially presented itself I did not immediately embrace the idea and only viewed at it as an opportunity to cut down on living expenses. 374 more words


"Tiny House Nation" DIY TV Show - Wow! Really?

I can’t be silent about the new TV show that is representing the
“Small House Movement”.

You can see it for yourself here
I really love the production value of the show… 1,140 more words

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