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The Downsizing Dozen: Finding Focus

If you really get to know me, you’ll find out that I’m a curious mix of distracted and obsessive. I can go from forgetting to eat in the midst of a mission to darting my attention around in conversations like a squirrel in traffic. 638 more words




Throwing away, scrapping, trashing, downsizing.  I am slowly letting go of all I have that isn’t a 10 on the Richter Scale.  No longer is an “8” that has been in my closet for 5 years acceptable.   196 more words


Use it up … Wear it out
Make do … Do without

We grew up with that Yankee frugality.

So this morning when I grabbed a favorite pair of grey wool socks, neatly rolled and folded in the way we pair socks, I was chagrined to discover the holes. 469 more words

Objects Of Our Affection


I am cautiously optimistic that we are close to settled. The fact that I am writing this from my bed with a hot cup of coffee cements my faith in this statement. 911 more words


My Vintage Miss Piggy Fantasy Calendar, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

I’d forgotten I was a Miss Piggy fan in my former life (who, moi?). I must have expressed myself at the office, and after that, people brought me Miss Piggy gifts for my desk and bulletin board. 326 more words



I am very interested in this whole Minimalism movement that has been sweeping through the US for a while now. I learned of it through Pinterest, looking at all of the tiny homes and things of that nature. 488 more words

Is there such a thing as too much nylon?

As the saying goes “money can’t buy happiness”, but I have personally been in heated discussions over the accuracy of this statement. I believed that it can’t buy you happiness, while my discussion partner argued that an injection of funds into her life would significantly increase her happiness. 310 more words