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Want a Raise? Downsize.

You’re living in this seemingly endless recession-depression. You know that too many are living paycheck to paycheck, including myself. I am lucky enough to have a non-consumer way of living that fits perfectly in with downsizing. 1,475 more words

My DIGITAL "Safe Notebook".....always available and always backed up!

My last post described what I call my “Safe Notebook”. This takes care of my most important documents, especially the originals, so that everything is in one place, is easily accessible, and is safe from disaster. 691 more words


3 Day Sale in Marietta!

This is a half/house sale.  The sweet lady who lived here has gone to bigger and better things (heaven).  What we have in this sale are things she loved.   226 more words

Kimy Kennedy

You gotta start somewhere

I’m apprehensive.  Maybe because this is such a huge journey and the first step is always the hardest to take.  But I guess it’s this moment right now that will make looking back on this journey worthwhile.  471 more words


Downsizing Made Easy - 4 Tips To Simplify

The Belt Team works with many clients who are downsizing. (We like to call it “right sizing.”) There are a number of reasons people think about moving “down”: 754 more words

The Belt Team

Clean Hoarding, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

I hope I haven’t given the impression that we were dirty hoarders. One of the main things Bob
“collected” was cleaning supplies. My reserve supply is proof: here’s what’s left of the cleaning-hoard in the cabinets… 346 more words

Simple Living

How to Use Your Feelings to Find Your Ideal Home

“The biggest mistake you can make is to accept your beliefs without challenging them, without applying the scientific method to see if they are, in fact, true.” 915 more words