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Downton Abbey: How Mary Got Her Groove Back

The best parts are the glimpses of the mid 20s fashions she sports. I about squealed over the headband. Fellowes seems to love Bitchy Mary, and (so long as she’s not treating Edith too badly) I won’t mind. 20 more words


Watch DirecTV's 'Downton Abbey' parody, starring 'the charming Mr. Hitler'

Downton Abbey doesn’t return to American televisions until January, but CollegeHumor and DirecTV paired up to give us something to satisfy our British-period-drama thirst with… 81 more words


Downton Abbey Cosplay

Best way to dress as Downton Abbey for Halloween?

Dress as Downton Abbey for Halloween. Click here for details of how he made it.


Top 5 TV Insurance Claims

How much would the insurance claim for the Downton Abbey fire have been? Would JR Ewing’s demand following the destruction of Southfork have resulted in a $40,000 monthly hotel bill? 306 more words


Downton Abbey meets Islamic State

Usman explains why Lord Grantham should be very wary of his canine companion…

Australian Politics

12 TV Villains That I Just Can't Help But Root For

It’s the Halloween season, which means it’s time to celebrate some of my favorite TV villains that I love to root for!

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Downton Abbey - The Summary

Warning: This contains spoilers. If you don't want spoilers, don't read this bit. Simples.

Also: If you don't like Downton, then skip this post. I won't be offended. 208 more words