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When Did the Recap Replace the Review?

Not a real post here. Just a question that’s come up again in my brain. Said question came up several times when I was watching last season’s “Game of Thrones.” Come to think of it, I was probably pondering the issue during last season’s “Downton Abbey,” too. 837 more words


Downton Abbey’s Series 5 Trailer Teases 'A Shaking On The Ground'

According to Mr. Carson, “a shaking on the ground” is coming to the new season of Downton Abbey, and I don’t think he’s referring to an earthquake. 41 more words


Dream Dates

We cleaned our teeth together. She looked as lovely as ever. Work had been long; I was tired. We were talking, gently and quietly. I think I mentioned Downton Abbey. 483 more words

Yeah! Downton Abbey is Back

Much to Charlie’s disappointment, my favorite show, “Downton Abbey,” is returning.

Look, I don’t have many shows that I absolutely have to watch, this is one of them.   125 more words


The New Dan Stevens

As a Downton Abbey fan I was heart broken when Matthew Crowley died, and it wasn’t the prettiest death. Dan Stevens will for ever be Matthew to me which is probably why I can’t handle him in these movie trailers that I have been seeing. 55 more words

A Walk Among The Tombstones

Things are literally on fire in the 'Downton Abbey' Season 5 trailer

“I feel a shaking of the ground I stand on,” says Mr. Carson, and we do too after watching the new trailer for Downton Abbey… 135 more words