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Britling's Fine Dining

“The new Britling “Self Service” restaurant is a distinct innovation, a definite step forward. It’s the ‘if you want it done well — then do it yourself’ saying molded out to fit the eating game. 439 more words

Memphis History

People sound off on Riverside Drive lane changes

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two-way traffic has replaced the once divided roadway on Riverside Drive.

The city closing off part of the road for bikers and pedestrians surprised the Prestwich family on their visit to Tom Lee Park. 333 more words


Day 009. Storm

It started as the drizzling type of rain; the kind of lazy rain that dusts against the asphalt and the brick to just grace your nose with scent—that warm, wet, and wholesome smell that can only be inside the concrete jungle of a city. 463 more words


Day 008. Untapped

A two days’ break can be enough if you let it, and that’s exactly what I did. I spent my time spring cleaning, mostly; it might be June, but it still feels like spring to me—what with all this rain. 284 more words


Day 007. Zombies

It’s officially been a week since I started 100 Days of Memphis and, I must say, it’s been a pleasure so far. Thank you for coming along with me. 357 more words